Sunday, June 14, 2009

Father-Son day

I'm sitting here in my 2 x 4 m whitewashed room with a single bed, some wilting flowers, basket of fruit/snacks and my Acer netbook, feeling thankful that I can sleep c/- Ronald Macdonald in a room at the hospital near our boy who is about 200m horizontally and 6 floors vertically away from me. It's been mostly a father-son Sunday, as Shirley went out to church camp to pick up the girls around 10m, leaving me with Samuel until about 3pm when she returned with the girls for dinner together here before the three of them headed home for the night.

So Samuel and I hung out, had our first cuddle in a week, washed him (top and tail it's called) for the first time, then caught up with the friendly paediatric surgeon specializing in urology (Dr. Vipul who carried out the cystoscopy) who came in to check on him. He was very pleased to see that Samuel had begun to pass Miconium out his stoma (remember - intenstine brought to the surface of the stomach), in his words - 'it's fantastic!'. Further good news is that blood tests last night showed that Samuel's creatinine levels which are the only way to measure his kidney function at the moment, having risen from under 100 a week ago up to 170 on Friday,are now down to 110 on a downward trend, with 40 - 60 being normal for a new-born baby. His urine output is also in the normal range for a newborn, which is also a good indication that the kidneys are working. So thanks for your prayers about his kidneys, while they are not healthy, they are still functioning so that's something to thank God for.

I finally got out for a run this evening for the first time in 10 days, around the beautiful Auckland Domain which is right next to Auckland hospital and a popular cricket groundfor all those cricket fans (I'm not one of them) with beautiful ponds where our girls like to feed the ducks. It made me realize how long I've been couped up in this hospital and it was great to get out into the fresh air.

I left Samuel's bedside around 10pm tonight, I stayed with him later than normal as he was unsettled and crying a lot, which the nurses couldn't figure out as he's been quite placid the past week - although the morphine probably had a bit to do with that. His breathing sounded chesty so they ordered a chest x-ray which came back fine, and then blood tests to check his gas levels which also came back ok. His oxygen saturation levels have also dropped a bit so they're keeping an eye on those and may up his oxygen intake. So if you're still awake you could pray for a good night's sleep for Samuel and relief from whatever is troubling him. Time for bed, thanks for checking in on the little guy today, more news to come tomorrow.


JC said...

Website is great guys - thanks so much for the updates. You're all constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Great news too re the kidney direction of travel - we pray this will continue. Meantime, we leave the other 'bits' in the care of our heavenly Father who is overseeing this whole thing.

Thanks to the medics in Auckalnd - what a great place and such an excellent team. Well done guys!

Thanks for the video - loved hearing Samuel at first hand. What about a quick video of the girls....

Loads of love to you all

John and Kathy, Exeter UK.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, great "blog"!. We love checking up on your daily photos and the girls keep asking to see Samuel again and again! So pleased to hear about the kidney test results lowering etc. The girls are still praying for Samuels "tummy" to get better. We hope the girls had a fabulous time at church camp and that your first ever Father-son day was awesome. lots of love & blessings, Janice & etc's

The Heslop Family said...

Hi family! Wonderful to read this blog and catch up on the weekend (awesome that it helps you too!). My parents were up, and I told them about Samuel - they send their love too. We are constantly thinking of you, and praying for Samuel - even in the shower!! :-)

Loved Dave and Jo Hawkins' memory of you from WHHS Concert Band, Francis - that cracked me up!!

Big hugs and kisses to you all. Tell Samuel he's adorable. Thank you so much for sharing him with us. (And love to Rod and Anne, too)

Love always, Nigel, Bron, James and Ollie xxooxxoo

Margo said...

Yah for Father-Son day. Special. Lots of praise and prayers coming your way.
xxxx from the Millens

MacDonald Family said...

Hello Davy Family! Congrats on the birth of Samuel, he is a very handsome little baby :) You must be very proud.

We have heard of Samuel from 3 different people now, he is famous :)

We are here to encourage you as you need it and pray for Samuels health too. We are parents to a Miracle and a Work of Grace, Aria, you might of heard of us. Aria is on TPN (wiggle juice we call it) and has tiny kidneys.

Starship is great and those Docs there are wonderful hardworking people. After being in and out for 3 years now we can certainly testify to God's blessing in terms of the staff there.

Please know Samuel and your family are very much in our hearts and prayers. God does amazing things!

Libbles said...

Love you guys - so awesome seeing this site and being able to follow beautiful Sam (and the whole family's) progress!

We think you guys are amazing - you're in out hearts and thoughts and prayers! God is GOOD!!!

Love you - Libs, Wayne, Gracie and Josh

Anonymous said...

hey guys. we are praying for you. thanks for keeping us up to date- great idea re the blog-the hosp sounds amazing compared with York!! in the pics he looks alot like you francis! send our love to candace and jasmine.