Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday's report

Today’s been much the same as yesterday, watching and waiting for Samuel’s body to release the fluids that have gradually been accumulating since his operation 3 days ago. The girth around his abdomen has increased to 47cm and his weight has increased from 800mls of extra fluid that is sitting in his body tissue. The good news is that his creatinine level dropped from 139 yesterday to 118 this morning and his urine output has increased over the last few hours after doctors ordered additional diaretic medication. While some swelling from fluid retention is not unusual following an operation, Samuel’s damaged kidneys are struggling to filter the increased fluids. While diaretics are needed to increase the draining of the accumulated fluid from his body, the kidney specialists are also concerned not to dry out his kidneys in the hope that creatinine levels will return to the lower levels of under 60 (normal range) which they reached before the operation.

As Samuel’s condition has weakened, I have moved back to the hospital so one of us can be closer to him through the night. We know it will be slow process for Samuel’s body to release the accumulated fluids so we’re hoping that over the weekend we’ll start to see some improvement as his body shape starts to return to normal. As we did last weekend, we’ll take a break from blogging unless there are big changes to report. We’d be grateful if you can remember Samuel over the weekend and particularly pray that the excess fluids would drain from his body and he would become more comfortable and able to come off ventilation and morphine.

They started Samuel on breast milk today, so the photo is Shirley giving Samuel his first milk - 1ml, every 4 hours through his gastro-nasal tube..... we all wait and watch to see how his digestive system responds to this.

Thanks again for all your notes, gifts, prayers and encouragement that continue to strengthen us for each new day.



lizzy said...

Sure thing Shirley... we are praying hard. May the peace be deeper than anything for you, and may God's comfort be tangible. Love you guys..
Liz x

Anita said...

We are praying for you all. Hoping come Monday all is better with Sam and the fluid is gone.
Shirley looks happy in that picture, that is good.
Have a uneventful but positive weekend.

Anita said...

Yahoooooo!!!! Breast Milk!! No wonder she is smiling :) We are smiling too. Hoping it stays in there and is absorbed.

thecarlows said...

Always in our thoughts and prayers, Love to you all.


Margo said...

love and prayers xxxxoooo

the Crumps said...

Lots of love winging its way to you all. Keep on knowing you are always in our thoughts and prayers.
xxx the crumps

The Heslop Family said...

Gorgeous photo, Shirley. Go the breast milk! Hope you have a quiet weekend, and that Samuel's body gets rid of all that excess fluid. Hang in there, little boy.

With much love,
Nigel, Bron, James and Ollie xxoo

Lea said...

Yes, Samy - you go, you little fighter, and enjoy that milk.

lea x

veena said...

Am praying. Hope Samuel feels your touch, hears your voice and feels secure. God be with you all. Hope this weekend is a blessed one

Wayne Mortensen said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date, know God's arms around you right now .. love you guys

Anonymous said...

Hello Shirley and family,

I'm Lisa from Urban - we have only met a couple of times but wanted to let you know that our family is praying for you and keeping up with what is happening with your beautiful baby boy.
I took Candace's group on Sunday and we all prayed for Samuel and her as well. She is a great little prayer!

May God keep giving you all, your daily strength.
Lisa Lambert