Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Quiet Day

Samuel seemed to have a good day, with nothing major to report so just a brief blog tonight. He is taking my breast milk ok so far - that is he isn't throwing it up, and there seems to be some fecal matter coming out his stoma.... so we wait to see what the gastro team have to say about that and if the amount increases over the coming days. Because he is coping ok with breast milk, he has increased from 1 ml every 4 hours to every 2 hours.

Today he had an abdomen x-ray, which the surgical team requested prior to his surgery on Thursday. We will get the results of these tomorrow which we are interested in as he has a very bulbous stomach. At this stage they are hoping to do 2 procedures at once - the bladder surgery to directly drain his bladder without a catheter, and putting in a gastric tube - stomach tube to enable fluids/air to escape which will mean his oral/gastric tube can be removed.

He was unsettled last night and this morning, which they think was due to the morphine having worn off. But he did settle down enough for a cuddle (yeah!) and wriggling/crying could also be a good sign as at least he has the energy and ability to complain. And I would too with all the poking and proding he endures. He has a very hoarse cry as the intubation tube was in his throat for 6 days and would have been pressing on his vocal cords..... and he will need another one to go in again on Thursday for the operation.

This afternoon we took the girls for a walk to the beach (5 mins from home) with our very special friends the Cairns family living in Hong Kong but back in NZ for holiday. They were staying with us in Laos exactly 1 year ago so it's been lovely to have them stay in our little cottage near the beach and reconnect with people that have been to our 'part of the world' and understand the life we've left behind. We had a great evening catching up, reminiscing, watching the kids collecting shells together and enjoying a rare social evening with friends.


The Heslop Family said...

Keep on keeping on, Samuel. Praying that the abdomenal x-ray was all good, and that you keep making great progress, little boy.
Love to your family from ours,
Nigel, Bron, James and Ollie xxoo

Lea said...

Will be thinking of Samuel and his doctors and nurses tomorrow, praying for skill, a fine touch on that tiny little body, wisdom and patience. For Samuel, I pray that his body will respond well to the surgery, and that all of the plumbing will work well, and that he will safely negotiate his way through the post-op period. So much good news over these past few days, and another big challenge tomorrow.

Bless you, guys

Ahipara Girl said...

lol, i seem to have jumped all over the place but finally found the latest news which looks better. I am happy that he is eating now, what an achievement Shirley and Samuel. We are praying for his surgery and more miracles. You are all looking lovely, especially Samuel. He looks good enough to eat. :)