Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shirley's first ever blog

It's 7pm and the smell of pizza wafting from the Ronald McDonald family room is getting strong! I write this from there - a haven for families who have kids in ICU - think airport lounge and you're nearly there - comfy couches, free food and drink, magazines, tasteful 'elevator' music, wireless, phone, toys for kids, library and a floor to ceiling view of Auckland city and harbour. Is so good to have this space away from the medical side of the hospital, and to not have to think about shopping/preparing food.

But enough of this and on to what matters - Samuel. He had a good day! His kidney function is improving as his tests returned showing key indicators are lowering. He finally passed meconium through the stoma in his side (during the operation last Sunday the surgeon brought the healthy part of his bowel ou
t to the surface of his stomach) which the doctors were pleased to see. I got to wash him and then hold him! It was awesome! After a week of never seeing him awake due to sedation, it was so lovely to hold our crying squirming boy! Spending all day in ICU with 2 little babies in their little 'nests' it is strange how void it is of 'baby sounds' - just the beeps of machines and monitors. It took about 10 mins to get him to settle as it was a challenge to hold him so as not to cause him pain due to the many areas of discomfort he has... but with the help of Janice (very lovely and able nurse) we got there and I had a delicious 30 mins just caressing and loving our wee boy - it was magic.

Tonight Francis will sleep here and I'll head home for a night in my bed and to spend some time with Mum, before she heads home on Tuesday.

It's been a full-on week and we've only survived due to Nana & Grandad and Grandma moving in to keep the girls' routine ticking over. It's made the week bearable as we've not had to worry or stress about the girls. Quotes from the Candace about the week were, 'It's great having 2 Nana's around - we get to do whatever we want!'. She's no dummy! But the girls have had a special time with our parents and we are so thankful for their time, care and support at a difficult time.

The week has a been a steep learning curve for me in regard to medical jargon and now I am learning the art of computer blogging! So expect to hear more from me in the future as we use this blog as our main communication tool about Samuel. Writing blogs is as much for us as it is for you as we process and download all that goes on here each day. It helps us to remember and capture his daily progress and also makes us feel connected with the outside world. Knowing that people can log on and read about his/our day (if they want) is a real encouragement to us - emails and comments are lovely to get and bring a smile to our faces.

So from one rookie blogger, it's time to sign off and get some pizza before it's all gone. Best wishes, Shirl


Nicholls's in (very wet) Tauranga said...

We are well impressed with your blogging skills Shirley and what a thrill to read of the positive progress today from you and from Francis earlier. Samuel is obviously a real fighter and pleased to air his lungs - thanks so much for sharing that special moment. Keep pressing on. With our love and prayers. Melvyn & Sally

Eckrote Express said...

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful details with us. I've been hestitating emailing too much, not wanting you to feel "pressure" to write back. Now I can relax and know that you won't feel pressure to answer every inquiry that comes in, but to know that your friends & family can read, pray, pray & read. We love you all and will keep updated!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing seing little Samuel progress and hearing all about you.
3 Cheers for grandparents. Hi Five to Rod and Anne and Shirley's Mum doing such a sterling job on the home front and supportting you all.
Love Raewyn and Andy

Margo said...

Loved loved loved seeing the wee video of Samuel. Thanks so much for all your updates. And yes I am sure it is good to be able to get all your thoughts of the day writen down. All your photos are special but I did especially like seeing you Shirley, holding Samuel. Precious moments for you all. Thanks too Francis for all your updates. We are praying for you all. Sometimes we don't know what to pray, but God surely knows your and our heart's desire for your beautiful family.
Lots of luv from us here at Waihi Beach to you all xxxx

Pygmy said...

So cool to read your Blog, thanks so much for sharing. Thank God He knows all about Samuel's body. I'll keep praying and believe that God will provide you and yours everything you need for each moment and tomorrow will take care of itself. Say hi to Anne and Rod. Arohanui, Wendy and John Schwartfeger.

Heslips said...

Hi Shirlz, Francis n girls. It's great to know what to pray for guys. I am visualising kidneys n bladder draining n redeucing to normal, digestive system, colon n bowl developing, holding that before God, seeing Gods arms and your arms about him. love you all, Heidi n Mark n fam

Blue Pilkinton-Ching said...

We are praying for Samuel Davy that he will be able to do poos by himself again.

Hawkins Family said...

Thanks for the video of Samuel. It reminds me of seeing Francis wake up in the morning during high school band trips away!! Anyway will stay in touch and hope to drop in in the next couple of weeks when/if appropriate. With love and prayers, Dave and Jo.

thecarlows said...

Great news today on Samuel, little guy your in our prayers daily, keep getting stronger every day - Im sure that the girls are being great big sisters, they both look very proud of there gorgeous little brother.
Your in our Prayers.

All our Love to you all.
Steve , Mel & the boys. (Carlow)

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
Just to let you know we are praying for you all. Many blessings. Sarah and Nick and kids

Anonymous said...

He is a tough little guy! Praying for you guys & lil' Samuel Luv Cassandra x