Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First set of threads

Today Samuel lost another tube/bag when the catheter in the vesicostomy was removed once it became apparent that most of the urine from the right kidney was draining directly out the vesicostomy and around, rather than into, the catheter. The uretorostomy in the left kidney is being watched to see if urine is draining directly around the drain tube and, if so, that too will be removed in the coming week which will just leave the one bag collecting liquid from the stoma. He is doing so well on low-flow oxygen with very little oxygen requirement that he may also be off oxygen support altogether by the time he goes to Starship, we're looking forward to tube-free cheeks!

But the big news is that we dressed Samuel for the first time today, in a very fetching outfit. So he's ready to impress the ladies in Starship with his sharp dress sense.

The tour of Starship was short and informative and not the huge shock we had anticipated. It definitely is noisier and busy, but he will have his own room with his cot, plus a bed for one of us to sleep beside him. Most importantly he will have access to the great surgical, gastro and renal teams that already know Sam very well. Samuel is already well known to the nursing team as well who have been expecting him for weeks but as you know his transfer was delayed a number of times when it wasn't at all clear whether he would ever improve sufficiently to move to Starship and continue his treatment. So we're thrilled that he is now well enough to move across and start the next chapter in his treatment, and move one step closer to the goal of getting him home. We know it will take a bit of getting used to after coming up 8 weeks in the peaceful environment of intensive care, but the fact it signifies an important step forward in Samuel's development by far overshadows any minor adjustments on our part. We look forward to introducing you to Samuel's new room and home in Ward 26b of Starship hospital.


The Heslop Family said...

Such fabulous news - Samuel, you're simply amazing! What a star! And you look so handsome in your clothes! Ollie wanted to watch the latest video of you over and over this morning - and then said "I love Baby Samuel".
We all do. So thrilled you're heading off to Starship now - they're fabulous there. Keep growing strong, little boy.
With love and prayers for you, your sisters and your awesome parents.
Nigel, Bron, James and Ollie xxoo

Margo said...

I agree - Fantastic news. And yes, he does look great with clothes on!!
Well done you guys. This is so awesome to hear.
Look forward to seeing his room and pray that the transition goes smooth.
Love Margo & family xxxx

thecarlows said...

Great news on Samuels improvement, and his new trendy clothes look great, you must all be thrilled hes ready to move to his next chapter.

Keep up the great blogging .

Love us all . xxxx

Susana Asin - Verrier said...

Samuel is amazing and he looks so so cute!!! Will keep praying. Love, Susana and Gui- Laurent

Anonymous said...

Am always amazed at your capacity to share this incredible Journey in all your lives and Samuel is such an incredible little creation that God has made and to see him so gorgeous and plodding along with everything that is going on around him is just well I dont have words for ....Always in our prayers much love the Spragues..P.S. am so looking forward to introducing Ariela to him ..

Anonymous said...

it must be so encouraging for you that this move is happening. we will pray for all of you as you make the necessary adjustments. lots of love as always. MERRW

JC said...

Great news guys. So glad to hear of progress and a move to the outside world ... well, at least in the right direction! Sam's looking great - he's got his mother's good looks and a hefty dose of his father's determination!! Loads of love to you all. Praying for daily progress

John & Kathy x

Anonymous said...

Samuel looks sharp in his new duds. Ladies look out! This past month in Bolivia it was wonderful to see that even there they are following Samuel's progress closely and praying for him.

Thanks for letting us join you and pray for you.


Samantha Sutherland said...

Sam is looking so cute! 26B is our home ward too so look forward to seeing you up there one day (can't believe i actually said that but we are sure to be up in the next few weeks for a tube change!) There are some great nurses up there and we can fill you in on the dodge one or two!

Elaine said...

What a dude!Samuel is so cute, still cant get over how fast he is changing, love his new clothes! Hope you guys are all good, was good 'gossiping' with you the other night Shirley.
take care, Love Elaine & Co xxx

The Dougherty's said...

So neat to see and hear the progress that your wee man is taking. Its really encouraging. Think of you often. Love, the Dougherty's

Hamish said...

strange lives that we lead when going to starship is a positive and exciting thing. You'll soon get used to 26b, you'll be part of the ward family in no time.

Carole said...

So excited to read about Samuel’s progress this week, what a fighter that special boy is!. Also how wonderful to see answer to prayer, day after day – Our God is a faithful God and we should “never doubt in the dark what God told us in the light” – He keeps his promises and I can see that we can rely on Him for all of Samuels needs in the weeks ahead. Shirley – I hope you will be ok whilst Francis is away, remember you are never alone my dear , so many folk praying and upholding you. You are doing so well. So often in my thoughts and prayers – Hugs from Carole.