Monday, July 27, 2009

Immunisation Day

Today Samuel had the standard 6 week immunisations - which he'd missed in his 6th week due to surgery, but he was well enough to have them today. This is a pre-requisite for him moving over to Starship - the children's hospital connected to Auckland City Hospital. He will be much more exposed to illnesses being in an open ward.

Today his surgical drain from his right kidney and fluid collecting bag were removed, so he has one less bag. His morphine was lowered again so he may hopefully be weaned off it fully tomorrow. All his various blood tests came back with mostly normal readings, which we're really pleased about. His calcium levels which were dangerously high on Friday (affects central nervous system) have reduced significantly since they made adjustments to his 'food' over the weekend, so they will be watching this closely along with his sodium levels. His liver tests have all come back showing good readings, since stopping any paracetemol infusions. So we are really pleased to see him responding so well to the changes. One of his lovely doctors made the comment today when speaking about one of his drug changes with the nurse, 'but this is Sam, he'll do the opposite of what we expect anyway!'. He really is a special wee boy who has taken a lot to figure out, but the team at NICU have been superb in working with him and trying everything they could to get him to this point.

Tomorrow Francis & I have a tour of 26B - the ward in Starship that Sam/we will be living in for the next amount of unknown weeks/months. It has been arranged to help prepare us for our next phase of life - we have been warned by many of the staff of the shock/adjustment it will be for us, especially after being cocooned in NICU for so long, where Sam has largely had one-on-one care and it is quiet and we will let you know tomorrow night if the shock is as bad as people have hinted at!

Sam still requires a little oxygen assistance, but they are going to try and wean him right down tomorrow and see how he goes. Otherwise, it's just letting him rest and waiting for the all clear from Starship.

Off to bed to rest before what could be our last full day in NICU - Wow, can't believe it's nearly here.... amazing.

with love, Shirl


The Heslop Family said...

Wow! We wait with anticipation to hear of your Starship visit - thinking of you today, and everyday.
With much love,
Bron and the boys xxoo

Margo said...

Wow - yip that is about the only word that comes to mind. Wow.
Today is going to be a huge day for you. Praying that God will guide each step of your journey.
Lots of luv
Margo xxxx

Suga said...

Wow - what an absolute miracle to be at this point!! What an incredible journey you are on. Just as well we don't know before hand what's around the corner - otherwise we might be too scared to go on! Thank You Lord for the grace to face one day at a time. Love you guys.

Lea said...

Wow! Moving across to Starship will definitely a rite of passage for Sam, young Master Opposite, who has defied so many expectations. Starship will definitely be very different, but it will no doubt become 'home' for Sam and you all for a while yet. A little more relaxed than ICU perhaps?

Much in our thoughts and prayers


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! Little Sam certainly is defying the odds. so amazing. Looking forward to hearing how it goes in "starship". Love and prayers. The Hilliers.

Anita said...

Yes good old 26B, our stomping ground for the pass 3 years! Welcome! There will be some big adjustments but you will manage just fine. Unfortunately 26B is not as nearly as nice as NICU from what I have seen. But at least you will be able to room in with Sam at night.
Gosh, there is lots to tell you but I might take this offline ;)
I hope Mum and Sam both coped with the jabs ok

Luke PC said...

Sam's my hero!!!