Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Operation scheduled for tomorrow.

Samuel's had a good couple of days, with him being alert, awake and happy for up to 1.5 hours at a time, so we've had plenty of cuddles and cooing!

His 'quiet' week has changed somewhat, with him now scheduled to have an operation on his right kidney tomorrow at 1.30 pm. He needs to have the catheter removed from inside his kidney and will have a new drain (ureterostomy) brought up from his uretor to the surface of the skin. This surgery is like his last surgery - dependent on what the surgeons find in theatre, but the above is the current plan. Today he had a kidney ultrasound and the surgeons were pleased that his kidney operated on last week, and the diversion, is working as well as they'd hoped.

So we would value your prayers for Samuel again, as he faces his 8th operation, anaesthetic and intubation. He was looking so good today, breathing on low-flow (off for a little time too and breathing all by himself!), comfortable and responsive, sleeping tonight with no concept of what his body must endure again tomorrow.

Sadly Jasmine, his big sister has developed a cough, so she has not been able to visit and have cuddles with her little brother, but we hope and pray she gets over this soon and will be able to visit on Friday, as she's really sad she hasn't seen him for 3 days. She has found a book of poems she is desperate to bring in to read to him - very sweet. The girls, especially since they've been allowed to hold him, constantly talk about him and include him in their thinking and lives, which is very precious to us.

We will blog tomorrow night with a progress report post op. 'Please Lord be with Samuel and give him peace and physical strength to recover well from this next op we pray. We love him so much, our hearts ache that we can't take away his physical challenges, but we trust him in your hands - his maker, who knows and loves him with an immeasurable love'.

With love and immeasurable gratitude for your love and support. Shirl


Anonymous said...

Praying for you all still and love the updates..keep looking UP and God will sustain for HIS purposes.

McLay family

The Dougherty's said...

Hi Davy's
We had tea with the Cairns' last night so got an update from them about how good God has been to you with accomodation etc, go God. We pray that Jasmine will recover quickly. So neat that God is interested in the small and large details of our lives. We pray that you know his sustaining power each and every day. Love you heaps. Col and Fi Dougherty

Tina said...

Praying for you all for tomorrow, and pray that Jasmines cold will get better soon, so she can hold little Samuel.. He is such a beautiful looking little boy, we are glad he doesnt take after his uncle, ha ha.
Lots of love from Phil and Tina

Janice said...

Hi all - what a great photo of Samuel! So bright and alert enjoying some "man time" with Dad. We're thinking of you all as you face another big day of surgery and waiting.
Jasmine we'll be praying for your cough to disappear so you can share your poems with your brother!!(and praying that Candace doesn't get a cough!!)
lots of love Janice & etcs

Suga said...

How awesome that Samuel breathed by himself for a while - may those episodes get longer and longer until it's normal. Praying for op and Jasmine.. and for all of you for our Almighty powerful God to supply your every need.
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and for your darling little Samuel. Thank you for sharing photies and progress reports!!

Anonymous said...

So good to hear that Samuel has been doing well since his last operation and we will really be praying that tomorrow's operation goes smoothly and that his body is able make a quick recovery.

Incidentally, its been lovely to be able to follow his progress on your blog and to see some pictures of you all. God bless,

Rowan, Nanni and kids.

Anonymous said...

sorry that his quiet week has been interuppted but so good to hear of lots of cuddles and to see him looking so sweet with his papa, praying for you tomorrow, lots of love emrrw

The Beales said...

Hello Davy family (i'm a friend of Anita MacDonald's). I'm praying for Samuel and you all! Especially now with his next operation so soon.
God Bless

Anita said...

Hi Guys, will be praying at 1.30 today. Gosh, it this number 8? Your darling boy has been thru so much. I've stopped counting Aria's GAs, couldn't keep up.
Praying for Jasmine too, what a sweet girl she is.

Margo said...

Just logged in and it's 1.50pm. Praying for Samuel right now.
And for Jasmine and you all too.
Love Margo

The Heslop Family said...

Hi guys - praying for you all, hope the op is going/went well. You have the most gorgeous son, he looks so good in that picture with Francis! Also for Jasmine - get well fast, babe, so you can go and read to your little brother.
With much love,
Bron and the boys xxooxxo

Elaine said...

Hey all, wow i cant believe how much he has changed since we saw him...mind you he was only 2 days old then! he is very cute! hope all went well today, we were thinking about him.

take care, Elaine & co xxx

Ron said...

Awesome picture of the little bro. We (Samoan/Palagi family) are hoping all goes well for the little bro tomorrow. Jasmine a good cure for your cough is to cough all over Aunty Elaine. Candace ask your Dad to buy you some more Skittles because Awesome Uncle Ron said so.


ps Yes Francis you do look well for a 43yr old in the lastest photo.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all - may the recovery and impact of this op be as good as the one on the left kidney. Guys, heaps of love to you all and a sense of awesome thanks to God for HIS strength for you over these weeks, knowing it will go on and on and on too ...
Clare, Dickon & co