Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Night

Samuel went to theatre today at 9am and had his herniated bladder repaired. They stitched up the previous vesicostomy and created a new one slightly higher up, which they have cathertarised. Whilst he was in theatre they also put in a 'G-tube', which will be a point of access straight into his stomach, removing the need for a nasal-gastric tube. The G-tube came back also with a drain and bag directly into it, and it is on free drainage. So he is back to 3 bags of fluids draining off him from different sites... but all temporary and with a plan to be removed in due course.

When Sam was in theatre I had a solid 2 hours sleep and woke up feeling so much better - I didn't realise how tired I was! But it helped the wait (which I dread) disappear very quickly!

We were about to go and get him from the recovery room, but were delayed by an hour as our ward was on lock-down due to a suspected fire in the sluice room! So I sat in my room and read my book and watched the fire men come and inspect the place. So by the time I got back to Samuel it was 2.30. We wheeled him back and he has been mostly settled, but has a very high heart and respiratory rate. He is on low dose morphine to keep the pain at bay and we hope he can have a pain free sleep to regain his strength.

I spoke with Francis and updated him on Sam and he updated me on friends in Laos. The girls came up after school and are excited about heading back to Uncle Grant and Aunty Sarah's for a sleep over with their cousins. They've had a good week with Anne - couldn't have done it without her keeping the girls ticking over... and bringing them up here to see me.

So will hopefully have a quiet weekend where Sam can rest and recover from these procedures and I will update the blog next on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend wherever you are. X Shirley


Margo said...

Praise The Lord for family. This is so incredibly huge, probably even more so with Francis away. Once again, Praise The Lord for family :)
Yah for 2 hours sleep.
You take care Shirley.
Prayers and love coming your way.
Love the Millens xxxx

Janice said...

Yay for sleep and feeling rested!! We hope you all have a great weekend as Samuel recovers from his latest surgery. You're a trooper Sam!! You amaze us everyday. Thanks for the updates Shirley.
Love and Blessings
Janice & etc's xx