Sunday, August 23, 2009

From Mouths of Babes

I wanted to put some quotes up from the girls which brought smiles to our faces and insight into their world as they inhabit 'planet hospital' with us.

The girls know that many different parts of Samuel's internal workings don't work properly. Today Candace was looking at his chubby cheeks and many chins, and not spotting an obvious neck said, 'Did Samuel's neck not grow either?'.

When we told the girls that we'd pop back in to see Sam this afternoon Jasmine hesitated and said, 'Um... Mum... it's not ACTUALLY that interesting staring at a sleeping baby'. Francis & I hang out with Samuel most of the day and we get to see him when he is awake, being washed, crying and asleep. But mostly when the girls pop in he's just asleep... and Jasmine's right - not that exciting for them!

I was asking the girls what they thought when they see other sick kids on the wards, many in wheelchairs, with various drips/tubes/bandages etc. Jasmine said she felt scared. I asked her what she was scared of and she said she was scared she'd catch what they had. We have been so strict on them handwashing etc, and the hospital is plastered with signs about Swine Flu and the risk of passing on germs. They made a natural link from what they've been hearing to what they saw, but we were completely unaware of it!. We had a good chat about it and now when we see someone I ask the girls questions like, 'what do you think her favourite t.v. programme could be?', 'Do you think that kid would like vanilla or choc ice-cream best?', 'I bet he's good on the monkey bars - do you think he'd be better than you?'. It has been good to help the girls see the kids are just like them and not to be afraid.

Sleep well. X Shirley

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shirley and Francis...thanks for sharing the girls's always interesting to hear how our children are seeing know God has a plan for them in this too and how you work with them will have a big impact...praying that you'll have the wisdom and strength for all that you are going through and that God will continue working in and through you all. Continuing to uplift you all...

McLays :)