Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Night

Sam continues to be in ICU on full ventilation. He has had lots of mucousy gunge (non medical for respiratory secretions!) from his lungs each time he has been suctioned. Today he continued to be settled, although his breathing would desaturate randomly and then he would need a suction. Specimens of mucous, urine, blood and gastric juices were all sent to the lab to see if there is any bacteria present that is the cause of his ongoing low temperature (around 38.5). If anything is lurking the lab would have some indication of that in a few hours, but it takes 48 hours to actually grow the culture to determine what it is. His morphine has been halved and he remains comfortable.

He had an uneventful day which included his standard bed-bath and hair wash by me - got to have him looking nice for his Daddys return tomorrow! He is wearing a fetching red and black bootie on his hand as he keeps grabbing on to his ventilation tube with his vice like grip, but we don't want him to pull it out.

Candace continued to vomit today, so had a day at home with Aunty Victoria, Jas coped at school and Francis is hovering somewhere near Singapore as I write.

Tonight I had dinner with Anita (mother of Aria McDonald - check out website link to the right) and it was just lovely. So nice to chat with someone that has lived at 'Planet Starship' for long periods of time and has walked the road of concern with Aria. Was such an encouragement to just be with her and share the joys and sadnesses of our kids conditions, practical advice in regard to TPN and medical stuff and just knowing she has been there. We were laughing about how bizarre our lives were and how we would never had met if it had not been for the gift of our kids. So although we wish Sam & Aria were well, it's been lovely to have gained a friend or two on the way, that we wouldn't have otherwise!

Off to bed... Shirley


Kim said...

Hi, my name is Kim I am a close friend of Val & George. Please know my prayers are with you all at this time. Sam is a beautiful boy with big eyes that say Im gonna fight this, lots like Val. Annie I hope you are keeping well through these hards times. I think of you often, my heart goes out to you all. Love Kim xx

The Heslop Family said...

Hey guys - our love and prayers continue to go out for you. You'll be pleased to be home today, Francis, and I know your family will be thrilled to have you back too. Shirley, I haven't been to see you, as we are all full of winter bugs. Just what you DON'T need there!!
Love and big hugs to you all.
Bron and the boys xxoo

Anonymous said...

Hi all :) Just wanted to let you know we're thinking of you as you get "Daddy" home again and for Candace as she fights off the stomach bug - Hope you're better soon Candace. We hope you have lots of fun "hanging out" together tomorrow.(let's face it a day off school is always fun when you're a kid!!)
Lots of love
Janice & etc's

The Doughertys said...

Hi guys, Francis will be home now so that will be a great reunion. Pray that you all have a good nights sleep and feel refreshed and renewed. Love you guys. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. Love Col and Fi XX

Anonymous said...

thinking and praying for you all as always. Glad that francis is now back home and physically close it must make a huge difference. Hope the girls are okay and are managing the huge changes that they face we do really remeber them in our prayers - they are special and i still remember what you wrote early on in the blog about Jasmine's heart cracking.... we love you MERRW

The Tuckers said...

Hope you guys had a great re-union with Francis getting back. I've been trying to catch up on all the blogs that I missed while away. Jru and most of her snowboarding team were throwing up in the night - food poisoning we think but she knows how Candice is feeling. Have a fabulous week with your family altogether again. We are heading to Wellington to visit Eli as a family tomorrow for the night - such a treat to be together again. Love you guys, Inez xx