Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today Sam slept alot! Which we hope was him making up for an unsettled day/night previously and also fighting this cold.

The Surgical team came and checked his left kidney drain and bladder drain - not overly concerned at the moment, but will keep checking it daily.

Tuesday afternoon on 26B is a big ward round, after a multi-disciplinary catch up. As we are new to the ward, the team are still getting to know Sam and mostly the discussions were around his fluid intake and how to monitor that efficiently, reducing his TPN (intravenous nutrition) slightly (to give his liver a rest), and other gastro related issues. They are wanting to try putting a feeding tube directly into his duodenum. If this part of his gut works, it means that he could receive some milk/food this way, as it doesn't seem his stomach is doing much. Basically any normal nutrition he could take would be a benefit to him, as would lessen the amount of TPN he requires and help preserve his liver. So they are looking at the best way of accessing this - whether by a tube through his nose or through a tube inserted via his stomach. But as he still has some breathing issues (with this cold he is back on low-flow oxygen), the stomach would be prefered.

Today Sams' nurse started me on some basic training on how to look after his 'NG tube' (nasal gastric) by testing the acidity of the fluids in his stomach by retrieving gastric juices and placing on a ph indicator stick (howI wish I'd listened to Miss Corkery in biology and chemistry!!!). So these days are learning days for me, so I will be able to be confident to care for him.

The girls came up with Nana and Nana was with Sam whilst I hung out with the girls, did their reading with them and had dinner. The girls were very excited to be able to 'skype' with their Daddy in Laos from Sam's bedroom!

Off to sleep whilst Sam does. X Shirl


Anonymous said...

HI there,
1st to write as I'm on night duty!! Great to see Sam in his new home and that you are coping with the change ok. Its a big step but a good one. Sleep well. love Aunty Jude xx

Nicholls's said...

Kia ora Davy family in Laos & Starship. Have been checking your amazing blogs each day and so encouraged that Samuel has progressed to Starship where it is good to hear that the family quarters are satisfactory too. Praying for an 'uneventful' week with Samuel progressing steadily; it has been lovely to see pix of him with fewer tubes each time. Thanks for such detailed and honest blogs - we can pray with more focus for the immediate situation for you all. With our love and prayers.
Melvyn and Sally