Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Surgery Tomorrow

Today Sam's vesicostemy (direct bladder drain) herniated even more and is causing him considerable discomfort. The surgical team saw him and have scheduled him for the first afternoon slot tomorrow - that is 1.30pm. This is a simple procedure to put the bladder back in but if it keeps prolapsing other solutions may be needed. Whilst Sam is in theatre they will also remove the stent that was put in 2 weeks ago from his right kidney down to the bladder, which was always the intention. Also they will look at his left kidney drainage and possibly re-insert a stent if the current one looks like it needs it. So tomorrow is a 'plumbing' day in theatre, but although a concern, the procedures are thankfully relatively minor.

Today Sam got rather unsettled and was working really hard at his breathing - could be due to discomfort as written above. So his low-flow oxygen was increased slightly and that settled him nicely.

The gastro-team continue to challenge his stomach and are keeping a watchful eye on his input and output of all fluids. This is a complex balance and we will update you as and when we know more.

Sam is on 7 different medicines of differing volume, daily regularity and methods of infusion, so today I have been focusing on trying to learn how to say them (!), when, why, where and what for, so that I am fully aware of his care. It is a challenge for my wee brain, but again so good to have this concentrated time with him. I just LOVE being with him and hearing him cry and picking him up and having him settle in my arms with those big brown eyes.... He's lovely and a real gift to us.

Do pray for Sam as he gets to theatre again and for the bladder to stay in the right place.

With love, Shirley


Margo said...

Prayers are with you Shirley xxxx

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all, especially wee Sam as he continues to fight. May the love of our Lord surround and comfort you always.
Love Steph (friend of Aria's)

A. Ulugia said...

Sending love my friends!

Bron said...

Our love and prayers are with you all for tonight, tomorrow and everyday.
Big hugs from the Heslop family xxoo

Anonymous said...

Extra prayers for you as you do the theatre walk again tomorrow. I know you're good at it, but I am sure that doesn't make it any easier. So glad you are able to do more "mothering" and can respond to his cries, coos, etc. I would love to kiss those chubby cheeks! He's so adorable. Love to you and the girls. Jolene.

Anonymous said...

Little Te Arawa warrior, just keep on breathing on! Special prayers and thoughts are with you as we watch the time for you to go into theatre today.

Shirley & Lorna (Palmerston North & Waitotara)

Anonymous said...

Shirley you are doing so well. We're all praying here for you. You're in out thoughts and prayers. I'm thankful Ann and Rod are there for you. Little Samuel looks so handsome! Marianne xx