Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday night update

This morning when the nurse took the dressing from the surgical incision in his stomach pus oozed from the sight. He was clearly in discomfort (even though on continuous morphine drip), so he was given a bolus (1 off extra shot of morphine) whilst the wound was cleaned - this involved squeezing out the pus and opening the wound, so that it can heal. His vesicostomy wound is also angry looking and looks worse than yesterday, so it is being closely watched and dressed too.

At around 4pm it was decided he was breathing well enough to extubate (take out full-ventilation tube). But after an hour on his own Sam was really gasping for breath and not coping - his CO2 levels were also raised, which meant he wasn't breathing out sufficiently. The Doctor came and it was decided to put him on to CPAP - pressurised O2. He is still very unsettled and distressed and they will check his bloods again this evening to see if his Co2 reading has improved - if it hasn't and if he is still not coping with breathing, they may need to re-intubate him whilst they re-assess him.

Tonight Francis is with him and I'm home with the girls, so Francis will spend this evening trying to settle Sam. To not be able to pick him up and rock him and to see him crying but not hear him (the tube in his throat pushes on his vocal chords) is distressing. His heart rate and blood pressure sky-rocket and his face is screwed up and red... and to not be able to hold him or nurse him to comfort him is just horrible. So we hope and pray that the nurses are able to keep Sam comfortable with medication whilst he fights these infections.

We're disappointed in the latest developments and sad for Sam - to see him struggling is unpleasant and if we could swap places we would.... but we can't.... so we continue to sit with him and talk with/hold him so he knows our love and voices in his struggles. We don't know what tomorrow holds, so we can only do today as best as we can.... and get sleep when we can!

Goodnight one and all, Shirley


The Doughertys said...

Oh boy, how hard this must be for you all. If only we could find the words...........but there arent any. Our love to you all. Col and Fi

Anita said...

What a difficult day, we are so sorry you are going thru this. We went thru a similar thing with Aria after her third op, her incision wound got infected and popped open, it was pretty grizzly and difficult to deal with. Anyway peace and hugs to you, it is so very hard to watch your baby suffer. We hope tomorrow brings a new day and a new hope. Hoping those ABX deal with those bugs quickly and Sam feel better very soon.

Margo said...

Ditto the Doughertys. Can't find words except all our prayers and love with you all
Margo & Tim xxxx

R said...

Dear Davey Family,

We are all thinking of you.

Please let the girls we look forward to seeing them in October (is that when the girls and Francis will be back)?


lizzy said...

So sorry to hear how hard and horrible it is for you at the moment. Watching our children suffer is incredibly difficult... praying God's strength for all of you, and a swift easing of the pain for Samuel.
Still praying daily.
Love you
Liz x

Ros said...

So often lately I get caught up my own struggles with a 4 month old, a toddler and now a house where we have all had (or have!) a tummy bug, and then I read the latest uopdates on your life with lovely Sam, and am reminded again how precious and special each life is... praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what we can say, just hoping you are near him as much as you can be, and that we continue to pray love merrw