Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fathers Day!

Well WHAT A DAY!!! Daily between 3 & 6pm Samuel loses most of his lines, so we checked with the consultant who said we could go for a walk at this time but with 2 conditions - 1. We have lots of fun and 2. We take lots of photos for the blog.... so being the obedient patients that we are, we obliged the lovely Dr Evans!

Francis took the girls to lunch with his Dad to celebrate Fathers Day, whilst I learnt how to get Samuel mobile with an oxygen cylinder and heart/lung monitor. So at 4pm I bundled him in the hospital buggy, O2 cylinder in the bottom and mobile monitor on the top..... and went downstairs to meet the girls and Francis. The girls were so excited to be out with him and were keen to push the buggy, although it is a little heavy to stear for the girls with the O2 cylinder. We wandered over to the Domain, which is spectacular in spring, with blossoms abounding, little ducklings waddling behind Mother duck and sun shining - a perfect day for Samuel's first adventure into the outdoors! He stayed awake for most of it just gazing up and around and was a lovely way to celebrate Fathers Day and Samuel's 3 month 'birthday'. The girls enjoyed climbing in the trees, feeding the ducks and being out as a 5-some. Francis looked proud as punch to be out with his son and it was a really memorable afternoon.
We got Samuel back by 6, just in time for his weekly bloods to be taken and his dinner to be hooked up to his foot again....... but I have to admit it was so tempting to just hi-tail it home, but you'll be relieved to know that common-sense overpowered my impulse! This week we start our theory training for TPN on Thursday and Samuel has an iron infusion and some more gastro challenges ahead.... so we will just have to make the most of the 3 hours each afternoon to get out and about.

I will leave you with a bunch of photos which I hope convey the elation of this milestone for us today.
Best wishes, Shirley

p.s. mental note 1. Wash necklace tonight
mental note 2. Don't wear long dangly necklace tomorrow when emptying urine bag!


Anonymous said...

How great is the God we adore..Our faithful, unchangeable Friend...Who's love is as great as His power...and knows neither measure or end.
Tis Jesus the First and the Last...Who's spirit shall guide us safe home...We'll praise Him for all that is past...And trust Him for all that's to come.

Shirley, Francis and family...what a day of rejoicing you have been able to have...enjoy the special time as a family and be strengthened for the journey. We are soooooooo excited for you all with what's happening and pray that God will continue leading and guiding all in the days ahead.

With love and greetings,
Gordon, Coralie & family (McLay)

The Doughertys said...

Hi guys, so neat to see that Samuel is out and about, must of seemed very surreal taking him out of the hospital confines, so great that you all had a fantastic time. Happy Fathers Day dude. Love Col and Fi

Tamryn said...

I am brought to tears over your sweet little boy and your wonderful family. Praise God that you were all able to have such a wonderful day and were able to take a break from Hospital life.
Samuel is an amazing little boy and I love seeing his happy face in the buggy. He looks like he enjoyed the trip out of the hospital too.

Many many blessings

Anonymous said...

No words....just tears of joy and happiness for you all, what a great day!! (Hilliers)

Anonymous said...

What an exciting day for you all!!So thrilled that Sam has had his first trip into the big wide world!! We rejoice with you. Shared in church this morning and prayed for you all. Would you like a shorter necklace!!! xxx the Crumps.

Dufour said...

Happy father's day to you dear Francis ! We follow your blog every day and love it very much. Your are both great writers ! We keep praying for you all. Blessings from Colorado, The Dufour's famiy.

Margo said...

Awesome, excellent, fantastic, WOW. You guys looks so PROUD. This is so amazing. Don't you just LOVE GOD! What an awesome way to spend Father's Day. I am so happy to see those photos.
And yes Shirley, good plan about the necklace (hahaha that was up there with your bookmark story!!!)
Lots of luv, smiles, hugs, happy thoughts, and praise to God
Margo & Tim xxxx

Ros said...

Wow- amazing!! Love the fact that Sam smiles for his photos - what a little star!

Lea said...

God is good. It's wonderful to see you all so happy together and Sam looking so well.

Little steps, to be sure, but those are adding up, with home clearly visible on the horizon.

Continuing to 'walk' with you, at least in thoughts and prayers.



Christine Leaf said...

Dear family, We rejoice with you! How lovely for you all to walk out in God,s beautiful springtime as a family.You have all done SO well!Always you are in my prayers.Christine Leaf

PCs said...

Wonderful news! Great that you could all get out together as a family - and anticipate more of that to come :) We continue to read your blog and pray for you all, especially Samuel. Love and blessings, Jodie, Luke and co xoxo

The Kingtons said...

Yay for gorgeous spring days and getting out to explore the big wide world (well domain at least!)together!! There's a fathers day present that probably beats "socks n undies"!!
Sam looked like he was having a blast and turned on the charm for his photos!
We were so excited to read about your time out of the hospital. I have just been right back to the very first blogs - 3 months of non-stop miracles!! Thank you for sharing them with us, Lots of love and blessings,
Janice & etc's (incl Grandma this week!)xxx

Anonymous said...

Super awesome blog....just beautiful day and photos. What a journey. Hilary and co

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see you, as a family, out of the hospital. We have such a faithful and loving Heavenly Father, great to see that He is in control. I have no doubts that things will just get better and better. You are all so brave, and I thank God that he gives you this amazing courage every day - just so excited for you all. With love, as always, Carole

Anonymous said...

hey there! very cool photos, am so glad you all had a neat arvo 'out and about!'
Had a big giggle about your necklace incident Shirl...if you get a shorter one I'll have your longer one!!!!!...after you wash it though!
take care, hugs all around,
Love Elaine & co xxx

Anonymous said...

YEEHAH! - What else can be said! Marianne, Glenn and Boys Bangkok!

Anonymous said...

who could ever have a better Father's Day gift. Shirley - it will be your turn next!

Susanne and Andy

The Crawfords said...

What exciting progress! Almost unbelievable change over these months. Well done you all - from keeping up the blog, keeping up the studying, keeping going for everyone.
May God go on showing his faithfulness to you all.
Love to you all - Clare n Dickon

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news. God is soooo good! Thinking and praying for you all. Steph

The Heslop Family said...

WOW! So good to see those pictures, what a handsome family. Think of all those obstacles you've overcome to get here - God is SO good!!
We continue to pray for Samuel, as he does so well, and for you guys as you learn to take care of him yourselves.
Lots of love, Bron and the boys xxoo

thecarlows said...

Hi guys.

Just a quick e mail to say how thrilled we were to see you out as a family in such lovely surroundings,Sam looks like he was enjoying his outdoor activity as well as the girls, and you two looked sucgh proud mum and dad. Keeping you all in our prayers.

Love us all.

Kirsten and Andy said...

Wow a big day out thats awesome - and the sun shone for you too!

Love you guys

Kirsten, Andy and the boys!

Nicholls's said...

What a milestone. How great is our God. With our love and prayers. Melvyn and Sally

tau said...