Saturday, October 3, 2009

Good News

I had a very cute photo to post, but can't find the right lead to upload it, so it will have to wait. BUT we had a really good end to the week. Sam's blood results came back showing that his biliruben level (liver function indicator) had dropped from 127 to 102 in a week. He definitely looks less yellow, so I wasn't surprised to see this in the results, but are really pleased. He is coping fine with having 3 mls every hour of pre-digested milk (don't ask me how that works - I don't drink it and regurgitate it like a bird if that's what you're thinking) and they will increase it to 4mls/hr on Monday. He has been having his medicine administered directly into his jejunum and again he has had no bad reaction to this. His ilieostomy is now producing some harder faecal matter/milk solids, so that is positive too.
Oh and he managed to shoot me with a fountain of urine from his penis which was just wonderful - I was so thrilled when it happened! It seems that quite a bit or urine comes out of the normal route as well as his vesicostomy now, so that's great too.

So we've had a lovely week just hanging out and Sam has been settled after the initial blip on Tuesday with his kidney not draining. I've had a mix of some visitors and time to read, ponder and pray, watch t.v. - it's been quite relaxing. We are so thankful for the skills and care of the team here at Starship and how their skills and God's hand have sustained Samuel and worked in his life and ours - I take little Samuel's hands in mine and pray with him at the start and end of each day.... they are special times where Samuel will settle and stare and smile. It is lovely to see his wee face cooing as I thank God for this little life.... and I'm sure Samuel knows Gods presence in a tangible way.

Francis and the girls have had a really busy time - lots of people to see, jetlag, heat and emotions to contend with - so I definitely got the easy bit by staying back here with Sam. They have a busy week ahead so I'm conscious of praying for strength especially for Francis as he has many practical things to do, and also the girls emotions to be aware of.

I'm off to watch a dvd and eat popcorn with Aunty Toria - a nice way to pass a wet and windy Saturday afternoon in hospital.

Best wishes and ongoing thanks for your love and prayers. Shirley


Tors said...

Hmmm, yes... wasn't that healthy popcorn with the movie yummy! hehe ;0) xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Shirley, loved the Thursday blog. Don't worry about the impression that women are incapable around cars. You have actually just confirmed for us that there are men out there who wouldn't be able to recognise a good opportunity to prove they're not insensitive doofus types!!
As one of the gorgous "crump" women, (first thing in the morning stunners!) i can sypathise with being forced to be seen in public at that stage of the day.Glad you can still find humour in your days. Glad that Samuel is having good days again.
Love, Marion

The Heslop Family said...

So nice that you can spend this 'unhurried' time with Samuel - he's so gorgeous! We will pray for you both here, and also Francis and the girls in Laos. Have a great week, guys! Love,
Bron and the boys.
PS Good pee shot, Sam!! :-)

Lea said...

Hi Shirley

Your blogs are simply wonderful! I love the way you describe what is happening - for an old kids' ICU nurse, it's almost like being there.

I am sure that in spite of the just awake look that you describe, the blokes in the car park will talk about the incident for months. A lot of mileage for some in a frantic honky sheila.



Anonymous said...

hello shirley, what a lovely blog, i can just picture you hanging out with samuel and holding his tiny hand, wish we could visit sometime, anyway, thought i'd let you know candace and rose and reuben have been playing beautifuuly together, making things with the presents candace brought, then doctors and now those beads that you then iron to meld together. ALmost every toy is out but they can do a grand tidy up before we go out later. we thought we'd go out for tea and candace chose the full moon, as we've never been that sounds good,take care and wish you were here