Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back to hospital..... hmmmm

Well we had a GREAT week - it was so lovely to have Samuel happy and well enough to be home, interacting with us all. We've had picnics on our front lawn, many special friends to visit and my Mum has arrived for the week. Yesterday we returned to Starship for our first outpatients appointment. Bloods were taken, Sam was weighed (6.22 kgs), dressings changed, meds altered due to him have a urinary tract infection in his left kidney and we returned home happy.... then his slightly niggly cough quickly worsened in the early hours of this morning. By sun-up he was wheezy, coughing constantly but not really clearing it. He didn't have a temperature but was grizzly and his breathing was a bit more laboured. We checked with our 'Action Sheet', which was prepared for us to know exactly what to do in various scenarios. So after watching him for a few hours, increasing his oxygen as he was de-saturating slightly, we rang the ward and then went into to CED (Children's Emergency Department). They were expecting us and we have a covering letter that basically says check Sam out quickly and contact the gastro team consultant..... so it was all smooth and he was triaged and before we knew it we were waiting in a single room waiting for the ward to sort out a room.

It seems Samuel has bronchiolitis which is viral and is inflammation of the airways. There isn't much medically that is offered for this, but as Sam is vulnerable with his poor underlying condition they readmitted him to the ward to monitor him especially over the next 48 hours or so when kids typically deteriorate. Treatment tends to be offering respiratory assistance as needed, as opposed to treated with drugs.

So I'm writing this having left Francis with Samuel in CED, returned home to have dinner with the girls and spend time with them and Grandma..... Mum arrived up yesterday and I've got her busy washing dishes and sewing costumes for the girls for their Fancy Dress parade at school on Friday - hooray for a Mum that can sew! The girls are a bit unsettled having our nice routine messed around but we had some important time together and got them settled into bed before returning to hospital with a few forgotten supplies. Samuel was settled and sleeping when I saw him, having had some paracetemol.

I thought I'd be really disappointed when we had to head back for a hospital stay, but actually I'm relieved. After watching him over night and then deteriorating this morning I didn't want another anxious night of 'should we take him in or not'..... it's reassuring to know we made the right call to take him in and that if his breathing does worsen he's right there ready for treatment if necessary.

The good news is that the blood tests he had yesterday showed that his biliruben has dropped into the mid 80s and other indicators have improved too. So although it's a setback for Sam having bronchiolitis, other indicators are positive.... so we grasp at the good bits we can! I did say in an earlier blog that I'd be dancing on the table when we broke double figures.... well I forgot that our table has been kindly loaned to us and they want it back, preferable unbroken! So trust me when I say I'm doing a jig right now by the computer.... see... there, done it - no need for broken wood to prove it! Woohoo!

Tomorrow they plan to take a sample of his mucousy cough/goo to send to the lab to try and pin point the exact virus.

It is sad to see our little front room empty and to go to bed without him here. It's been so fabulous. This morning Candace raced in and helped me bed bath Samuel and Jasmine had a lovely cuddle with him before school.... so I feel a bit severed again and sad for the girls... but peaceful that he's in the right place for him.

Sleep well. X Shirley


Eric Dufour said...

All of our boys had bronchiolitis when they were babies, and what really helped them was a special kind of chest massage made by a physiotherapist. It was really impressive and babies cried a lot, but it is completely harmless to them of course and the results were amazing !

Blessings to all of you, we love you very much.

The Dufour family

Anonymous said...

Great to see a new post and to hear that most of the week has gone well. Hope 48 hours at Starship will make a big improvement. Love to you all. Hilary and co

bronheslop said...

James used to get bronchiolitis too....not fun in an otherwise healthy baby, so I'm grateful we have awesome facilities like Starship where he can be looked after well. Hang in there guys. Love, the Heslop Family xxoo

Jojo said...

Dear Francis and Shirley. We are praying for Sam, the girls and you both. Very tight hugs from all of us here in Phnom Penh.

Much love,
Jojo, Esther and Sam

Nigel said...

Hi Francis and Shirley - we are praying for you and for Sam, and send all our love. Give a hug to the girls from Sean and Jas, and just imagine a look of horror on my face, and glee on yours as you wipe me off the Risk board !
Nigel, Milet, Sean and Jas.