Thursday, November 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home... again!

Yeah - at around 6pm tonight we arrived home. It is so nice to be back! Need to do washing and sort out stuff for tomorrow before doing Sam's 10pm routine... so this will be short and sweet.

Sam is back to .5 litre O2, which is what he was when last home 15 days ago. His blood results are surprising - to us he looks better, but his biliruben (liver indicator) has gone back up from the 70's to 90. When we drain his ureterostomy (left kidney) the urine has been quite bloodstained, so we are watching that and if he spikes a temp we will head straight back in.

BUT generally he seems pretty well and so happy and relaxed - even after having his two 5 month immunisations yesterday and another one today! He's asleep now after laughing at his sisters - Candace has been teaching him karate (thrusting his arms about) and Jas has been doing 'where's the baby' - all to Sam's delight.

Oh and the Drs have increased his milk feed to 8mls an hour and are reducing the lipid content of his TPN to compensate, which means his liver wont need to work as hard, so that is really encouraging news.

Well I gotta go - house a tip and tomorrow Francis is leaving really early to hire a truck and pick up our possessions which arrived by boat, which MAF cleared I need to make room for the Christmas tree, sewing machine, piano and a few other 'can't do without' items... all the other stuff will be stored in a friends garage until we relocate next year...then it will be like Christmas all over again.

Nite nite, X S


Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Hooray!
So glad you're all under one roof again. Wonderful answer to prayers. Have fun using a shoe horn to get any of your "other life" possessions into the house! It'll be quite exciting unpacking bits and pieces.
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, fantastic news!! An answer to our prayers. Samuel looks so content. What a joy!! Enjoy the unpacking and reuniting with your bits and pieces. God bless,

The Doughertys said...

Ha Francis and Shirley, so neat to hear your wee man has come home again. He looks such a happy chappy. Hope its not too stressful doing the unpacking thing and that you know Gods peace as you settle into your new life here after all you have left. Much love, Fi and Col

Anonymous said...

hi Shirley and Francis,
I was just catching up on your blog. it's lovely to see the photos of Samuel smiling. very glad to hear you are out of the hospital again. You have all been through so much. Prayers are with you as you unpack and settle and I guess try to let go of Laos.
We are in the midst of getting ready to go again after almost three years back in Australia. We move to phnom penh soon after Christmas. I think with all the change and uncertainty in life it's only the presence of Jesus that makes it okay. I still use the lovely mosaic coaster you made for me with a cross on it. The cross reminds me He's in it with us.

love from Rachael Litchfield

Elaine said...

Thats great news! hope its all going well, take care, Elaine & co...which is going well, Mackenzie slept from 11pm till 5am this morning so had a very nice big sleep! yay for that, Grandma says wahoo as well...okay not sure Mum has ever said Wahoo in her life but you know what I mean! see ya x

Anonymous said...

What brill news! Masses of love to ALL of you from all of us! Miss you! Hugs and all our love, Nanni + family. x x x x

Kerri said...

I am so glad that Samuel is doing well! The milk will help so much with his liver levels! Much love from our Sam to your Sam!

Colin & Fiona Dougherty said...

Hi and yah hes come out im so amazed!!!!!!!!! love from Sam Dougherty

Anonymous said...

It's a slow day at your other home today and we all sat around reading your blog instead of doing our work. What a cutie.We all miss those chubby cheeks. Hope things are going well. Hope to see you all soon...but not too soon.
peace :)

Anonymous said...

Thats fantastic!! Great to know you are all together again for however long it is...enjoy each day even tho I know that it brings its challenges. You are an awesone couple..Gods blessings and strength on you for each moment of each day.
Love Jude and co.

Anonymous said...

An answer to prayer, Shirley and've had a week at home with Samuel. We trust that it's been a lovely time, even though busy no doubt with all the medical things along with general family things. May God continue leading, guiding and encouraging you all.
Blessings from the South,