Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Improvements on all fronts

Today Samuels breathing improved and he is definitely more alert and happier. He is coughing up a lot of gunk and that is good news. His chest sounds less wheezy, but still a bit rattly.

His liver numbers continue to go down, now into the 70's. The milk formula he was changed to to see if his system can cope with partly processed milk rather than totally processed has been a success. He continues to take it and the right amount comes out his ilieostomy bag. Now that he is on TPN for only 18 hours a day he is really getting hungry around 4pm. Because he is so hungry he is much more desperate to drink from a bottle, so he is having around 30 mls of pepti-junior (milk) orally each afternoon. And the good news is that it is managing to continue on through his system.

So we've been encouraged this week to see lots of little improvements.

No-one is rushing to get us home as we want to ensure his breathing is back to atleast what it was before (.5 litre o2). So we could still be in hospital for a few days. We are making the most of the time to sort out some people to offer respite care/home help which is being funded by various grants/trusts. It's great to have this facility and we will be making the most of it, to ensure the general well-being of all 5 of us!

Tonight was hard with the girls - we thought they had been doing so well, but tonight there were lots of tears and big questions and anger flowing about being here and not Laos. With their child-like minds they want simple answers, but there aren't any.... so they are frustrated as don't feel that I'm answering them. It is hard for them going back to 'parent swap', so we are trying to give them some slack, but it is heartbreaking to hear some of the things that come out of their mouths..... but we've always said they can talk to us about anything anytime and I'm glad they feel they can......even though we don't have the answers.

I dropped Mum at the airport this morning so she could get to Napier to see her newest grandchild. Congrats Justin & Elaine - we look forward to meeting little Mackenzie Bell sometime.

I'm tired - Samuel slept well last night, but the baby next door didn't...... may take in earplugs tomorrow night!

X Shirl


Anonymous said...

Great to hear about the improvements. Thanks for honesty in sharing the challenges. Love to Jasmine and Candice, tell them we loved their costumes (and think Mum and Grandma did a fab job.) Hilary

Anonymous said...

Dear Davey family, My heart sang for joy at the news little Samuel is on the mend from the virus.Tell Jasmine and Candice they looked beautiful in their costumes.Thankyou SO much for sharing your lovely family with so many.You really all are a great blessing!God bless you HEAPS! Christine Leaf

Anonymous said...

Hello Davy family!! Wow ur blog is so cool! I came in to work today briefly but i ran out of time to say hi plus i've been unwell and didn't want to give little Sam anything! Hope he's getting better sorry I missed u guys! From Rochelle (nurse)

Maria said...

It was really nice to see you today Shirley and to meet Samuel. He is gorgeous! You and Francis are doing a great job. When I said something to Matthew on the way home about "little Samuel", he replied "no, not little Samuel, he is big Samuel. He's not a baby anymore Mummy"! We will continue to pray for your whole family.
Love Maria.

Anonymous said...

Hey great story and great costumes and even better that the wee lad is on the mend. thanks for sharig with us yet again your words of wisdom - they always make me/us stop and refelct, it is a real skill you have. Anyway it was lovely to see Samuel looking better and glad that he seems to be able to digest (probably technically the wrong word) a little more - all these small steps which together seem to be a sign of prgres in the right direction. Okay you are surrounded with love and prayers from all corners of the world -wonderful to think of it isn't it. We loe you and miss you MERRW

Anonymous said...

Sniffle, lovely story! Praying for our sweet Sam and each day you take on...blessings and miss you friend!

Mark Lopa said...

Hello...I just started following your blog, although my wife has been for a while and introduced me to it. I'm very happy to hear about Samuel's improvments. He is a beautiful little boy! Prayers being sent your way.

Anonymous said...

Continue to pray for you all and you are always in our thoughts. wish we were closer. great to see Grandmas sewing skills in action!! She's a gem. Blessings to you all.
the Crumps down south.