Friday, February 19, 2010

The day before tomorrow!

Boxes abound, no where to sit and I pick up the key to our new home this morning, ready for the big shift tomorrow... so it's all go and we're all very excited. Girls are getting into a routine at school and Francis is enjoying being back in the land of the employed.

Yesterday Sam had his sweat test and hopefully we will hear today what the results are.... or if we haven't heard by Tuesday we are to call. Sam wasn't too impressed with the first stage of the test where they put 2 wet towlettes on his arm, which are then covered with metallic electrodes and little shocks are delivered for 5 minutes. This is to stimulate the sweat glands - it stimulated Sam's tear ducts very well and he screamed for the duration. Then they removed the electrodes, wiped the area and taped on dry blotting paper. Then I had to wrap him up warm to get him sweaty for 30 minutes. It was a really hot muggy day - I was in a t-shirt and Sam was in a little padded polar fleece hoodie, with socks on! But the cocoon affect suited him and he nodded off to sleep. 30 mins later the blotting paper was removed and weighed, confirming they had enough of the concentrated sweat to analyse.

So will let everyone know when we know.... now I'm off to put pots in boxes.


Viv said...

Just have to say: Sam you are one handsome little man - loving the new pictures - even with face tape on you're a lovely little boy! Trust all goes well with the move and you all settle into your new home quickly. viv

The Doughertys said...

Oh boy, you guys have been thru the lot. I couldnt stop crying as I read your bog today. Just so admire your grace in all of this. We pray that the results will be negative, please Lord. Much love, Fi and the other Dockers.

Anita said...

Loving and praying for you guys. Now it is my turn to stalk your blog for news!!!