Monday, February 8, 2010

It doesn't rain, it pours!

I'm not feeling very motivated tonight, but thought it was time I update you on Sam...and us... We (Davy girls) had a fantastic week down south with Grandma & my family and the girls especially loved doing fun things with their many cousins that they hardly knew: waterslides, discovery walks, playing with loads of different pets, sleep overs etc. We got back a week ago (Monday night) and Francis left at Tuesday lunchtime for Bangkok, after a final job interview in the morning. So there wasn't much time to catch up and a few tears from the girls who had missed their Daddy and realised he was going back to be in Laos where the many friends they have are still sadly missed. But with Wednesday the excitement of the first day back at school for the year was enough to distract them from their absent Dad.

Francis has had time in Bangkok and Laos tying up details with his last job and we were delighted when he found out last week he has a job to come back to! It's really perfect timing and a job he is looking forward to getting his teeth into at World Vision NZ. He returns on the 14th, starts work on the 17th and then we move house on the 20th! So my task list is rather long starting with things we need to buy to furnish a house - washing machine, fridge/freezer etc and start packing up all our accumulated 'stuff' from our lovely little home here.

BUT this is a blog about Sam and he hardly features - even today the kids were playing and rushing about on the water slide, I was on the computer researching the best buys for various household items and he just lay gurgling, pretty much ignored on the couch! He continues to be easy going, with the odd patch of grumpy with incoming teeth/stomach cramps and vomiting, which returns to easy going as soon as he is relieved.

Tomorrow an oximeter machine is being delivered from the hospital, so I can do 2 nights of recordings of his breathing, so we have up-to-date info for his respiratory consultation on Thursday. We're really hoping it will show his lungs have developed enough to wean him off oxygen, atleast in the day, to give his face/nose a break from the nasal prongs, which cause him endless irritation. Today the physio popped in to give me some more exercises to help him develop some more tone.

Sam was 8 months old on the 6th Feb and weighs in at 7kgs. Friday we visited the hospital for his monthly blood & urine tests, but I don't have the results yet.

So we have a busy couple of weeks ahead, but are so delighted that we have somewhere to move to that is close to the girls school & Starship, has a big back yard and that Francis has a job to pay the rent! Thank you Lord for sorting out all the details.


Nicholls's said...

What a busy blog. Amazing provision from the Lord for Francis' job and the new home. What with hospital check-ups, Sam's ongoing care, and the new school term . . . all this and general everyday life, the Davy household looks quite a whirlwind. Praying for a special measure of God's peace through activity of the coming days.

Mark and Jo said...

Wow Shirley, you do have your work cut out for you! So glad you and the girls had such a special time down south before school started. Great news about Francis' job too! God's timing is perfect. I just saw the news about Aria on - fantastic! We'll be keeping her in our prayers too. Lots of love, Jo & co

Yolanda said...

So, soooo pleased for you all Shirley. Thanking God for all His provisions and answered prayers :)

The Doughertys said...

Thank you Lord indeed. What fantastic news about getting a job and seeing your wee man....he is such a 'looker'. So cool that you got away to the deep south, that must of been refreshing for you girls. We are always so encouraged by your blog, thanks for being so faithful. Love, Fi

Elaine said...

Yay that you have a house...when can we come for a visit?!!..I know you are missing us!

Elaine & co

tau said...

Wahoo! what a load of awesome news... :)