Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Readmitted - PICC line No. 3

This blog is coming to you from Melbourne, where I'm attending a one-week training at World Vision's head office. Given the size of WV in Australia (500 in this office alone!), this is a great opportunity to learn from their experienced and sizeable programmes team and the visiting trainers from the Global Center team as I still try to get my head around the complexity of working for the largest humanitarian agency in the world. I must say I do prefer our NZ office of 100 or so staff, just feels more homely and less of a corporate giant.

You haven't heard from us for a while now because we're still waiting for our internet connection to be transferred to our new property, so apologies if you feel a bit in the dark on the latest news about Samuel. It may be another week or so yet before we're connected so communication will be a little infrequent until then. Samuel's coped well with the change to his new home and it's a much better set-up now that he has his own bedroom, all wooden floorboards throughout so easier to keep clean, and an air circulation system between the roof and living areas to prevent mould and reduce humidity - which has helped his breathing. The boxes have slowly been unpacked and the day before I left we went out shopping for bedroom furniture, the girls are loving our large private back yard so it's quickly become a lovely family home where we hope we can settle for a while now. Jasmine has made the most of our new suburban location and shown her entreprenurial initiative by putting a box out on the footpath full of Candace's dolls, with a sign selling them for $2 each.

I just received a text from Shirley to say that Samuel's PICC line through which he receives his intraveneous nutrition has 'migrated' and needs a new line put in. So Samuel's gone back into hospital today for hopefully just an overnight stay before going into theatre tomorrow on the acute list. Shirley will stay with him and fortunately mum is available to look after the girls since I'm not due home until Friday evening.

I'll update you as soon as I hear any news about how the procedure goes tomorrow. Thanks for your patience with us during this period of radio silence while we get our internet sort out. Do keep checking in as we love to know that so many are keeping tabs on Samuel's progress.


tau said...

hey guys
thoughts and prayers with you still....
big loves

Nicholls's said...

Good to hear you are settling in to your new home and job and hope your internet gets sorted soon. Praying for the procedure to go smoothly tomorrow. With our love and prayers M&S

Anonymous said...

Great to have some photos and news...continue uplifting you all and we know that even though there's no update...God leads in prayers and what's happening.

Love McLays

Anonymous said...

Great news about your work Francis, very excited for you. Praying that Samuel pulls through next procedure,just love the pics of his happy,smiling face. Tell so many folk to look in on your web-site,you have all been on such an amazing journey, and are a living witness to the faithfulness of our Living Lord,who has never left you in the last year. Praise His name.Love to you all - Carole