Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shirley's Birthday ends in hospital

Saturday was Shirley's birthday (no not the big one - but almost), and once we'd got Samuel disconnected from his TPN and his oxygen, milk pump, and various medical supplies all packed in the car, we headed off to Auckland Zoo for the day. I guess we've been spoilt living overseas in that we've been to some great zoos, San Diego, London, Bangkok, so we were expecting a few more animals than we saw at Auckland Zoo. We had to make do with a photo of an elephant as there was only one live elephant in the enclosure! But it was just great to get out together and celebrate Shirley's birthday doing something different to unpacking boxes and setting up home. A friend of Shirley's who lives just around the corner baked a birthday cake and our two families with a total of 8 children had our first party in our new home.

No sooner had we cleared up the mess and were about to go to bed, we noticed Samuel wasn't settling down to sleep but was increasingly hot and distressed. We thought it might be teething but he normally sleeps really well before midnight, and he was more whimpering than crying so we knew something wasn't right. About 1am Shirley phoned the Children's Emergency Department and was advised to bring him in, and by the time he arrived he was looking very off-colour which they soon discovered was because he was down to 80% oxygen saturation so they quickly increased his oxygen levels from 0.25 - 1 ml. It wasn't until about 6am before Shirley and Samuel were transferred from the Emergency department to Ward 25B - a new ward for us but our traditional 'home' of 26B was full up. The chest x-ray showed more fluid on his lungs, so they started him on IV antibiotics straight away in the hope of treating the infection before it spread any further. He hardly slept through the night and was unsettled much of the morning, but seemed to start to respond to the antibiotics in the afternoon. Shirley just phoned around 9pm to say he was fast asleep, and I'm sure she soon will be too.

Mum has come to the rescue yet again, and will help look after the girls before / after school while I'm at work. If his temperature doesn't return to normal soon, then they may need to keep him in for 5 - 7 days and we have to wait and see how this unexpected trip to hospital will affect the many tests that he had planned for the next few weeks. Some good news though -his blood tests taken early this morning show his creatinine (kidney function) is down to 22 and his bilirubin (liver function) is down to 17, both well within the normal range. I think it's the first time both organs have tested within the normal range so we're thrilled to see how far he's come from the fist 3 - 4 months when both were well over 100.
Hopefully back soon with news that Samuel's on the mend. Thanks for your continued prayers.


Anonymous said...

Pleased you had a good birthday Shirley. It's good to have these "ups" for when you get the "downs". May God continue leading through this time...
With thoughts and prayers,

Margo said...

Happy Birthday Shirley. x
Thinking of you all x

Anonymous said...

Happy housewarming, Happy 9 months Sam, Happy Birthday Shirley!! Love and prayers for you all.


CM said...

Praying that the ABX kick in quickly and that Samuel is feeling a lot better soon, great news about the bili and creatinine counts. Happy Birthday Shirley


Marybeth Weber said...

Happy birthday!! I hope you had a good one! There is something I wanted to show you. Our daughter is going to be placed in this hospital after delivery due to MMIHS. I thought you might be interested in reading this. I'm not sure of what is offered where you are(it seems like you have an amazing medical program though do to how well Sam is doing!!) but this may be of interest of you

I pray for Sam every night while praying for Janessa! I hope everything continues to go well.

- Marybeth.

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday Shirley! Sorry to hear Sam is back in the hotel but good his bloods have improved and he is responding well to treatment - your dash to hospital sounds like ones we used to have with Lara (notice past tense!). Bummer that you did not get 26b it makes it much more settling but we were often bumped around too - its such a 'popular' ward! Take care xx