Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Well that didn't last long

So I (Francis) took over from Shirley up at Starship hospital last Thursday night and spent Good Friday and Saturday morning there with Samuel before Samuel was discharged late Saturday morning. His oxygen requirements had returned to 0.25l which is his normal and what the doctors wanted to see him back to before he went home. So we enjoyed Sat afternoon/evening all together at home, Sunday at church all together in the morning followed by a relaxing afternoon at home. Monday we enjoyed having our first house guests in our new home, our dear friends Graeme and Susanna Newton and their one year old Flora who are relocating to the UK for Graeme's new job with World Vision UK. 'Bank Holiday' (as they call it in the UK) Monday was a beautiful spring day here in Auckland and we enjoyed a picnic lunch on our freshly-mown back lawn and a walk along the beach. Samuel had been a little grizzly and showing a temperature throughout the day, but seemed to enjoy being out in the fresh air so we didn't think too much of it. But he became increasingly distressed as the evening wore on to the point where he was hitting a temperature of 39.2 degrees, whimpering in pain and needed constant comforting and holding. So it became clear that this wasn't just a minor cold but that an infection was starting to spread so about 11pm Shirley loaded him and her overnight bags in the car and headed back to the Children's Emergency department for his 4th admission in 3 weeks. I got a text at 3am to say that they had just reached the ward and she was on a mattress on the floor beside his cot in a shared room (Ward 26B is the busiest we've seen it). So he's back on IV antibiotics to clear another Urinary Tract Infection and possibly and tummy bug that he also picked up (his iliesotomy outputs have been higher than normal suggesting diarrhea). Dear mum got the 'help' phone call at 11.30 last night and came down this morning to look after the girls who are on school holidays for the next two weeks. We've got them in an afternoon holiday swimming program and they'll get to visit Shirley and Samuel as well. Meantime I've got a lot going on at work and will be heading off next week for a two-week trip to the Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu, so thanks for your prayers that Samuel will be well by then and stay well while I'm away.

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Nicholls's said...

Just dropped in to see how Sam is and so very sorry to read of this set back. Praying for you all tonight especially. Love M&S