Monday, May 31, 2010

365 Days later...

Well we are nearly at Sam's first birthday. We've been on the wildest roller-coaster and we can't quite believe the ride started nearly a year ago! So on Sunday we are going to celebrate! Celebrating: a year of miracles, tears of joy and sadness, Sam's amazing sisters, wonderful extended family that have rallied and kept us sane, friends new and old, mystery meals appearing, surprises in the post and the joy that we have Sam with us! He has 1 tooth now and is starting to 'bum shuffle'. When we lie him on the floor he quickly digs in his heals and starts moving away, so he's on the move.

It's going to be great to be able to celebrate this Sunday 6 June, his actual birthday, so if you are in Auckland and fancy some cake and bubbly, throw us an email and I'll give you the details.

Other news is that there is no news about the MRI he had on Friday.

Sam is having daily visits from a nurse to apply silver nitrate onto his ureterostomy site, as he has hyper-granulation - his body naturally wants to heal over any wound, but we need this hole in him to drain his kidney. But he now has a flap of skin that is growing quickly and causing problems. The silver nitrate needs applying once daily for about 7 - 10 days or until the excess skin drops off, which ever comes first. It's incredibly painful and Sam is hysterical during the 2 mins it takes to apply it. But it needs doing, so we hold our breath and hug him whilst he screams and looks at me with teary begging eyes willing me to stop it..... it's definitely tough love. On Wednesday we will visit hospital so the surgical team can review the site. We're hoping this intervention is enough to help, otherwise surgery is the next on the list....please no!



Viv said...

So, so wonderful to see happy, smiling, giggling Sam last week - happy, happy birthday for Sunday little sunshine :)

Marybeth Weber said...

How amazing he is going to be a year old!! Especially as I'm sure you know all the doctors state "The literature says 95% of infants don't make it a year." Obviously that is not the case!! He is an amazing little boy. I pray the MRI results are good, and he will remain a hansom strong little boy, and grow one day to have a family of his own!! Such hope he gives Janessa, Caleb, and I.

Have a great birthday my friend.

- Marybeth

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, Will be thinking of you and sending our love, prayers and best wishes to you all for Sam's birthday. Also, so sorry to hear about Greg Cairns little boy... keep us posted! Blessings
Marianne, Glenn, Caleb and Jacob Davies Bangkok!

thecarlows said...

Its so great to read about Sams nearing 1st birthday, you must all be feeling so blessed that this day is nearing, great to see a gorgeous little face when we logged on.

Love to you all from us all.

Steve xx