Saturday, June 5, 2010

1 more sleep

Birthday fever has over-run our house with Candace turning 7 on Thursday and we are gearing up for a big celebration tomorrow when Samuel turns 1! Can you believe it??? We are amazed and thankful and looking forward to celebrating tomorrow. If you are free between 2 & 5, (Sunday 6 June) and fancy some food and fun, send us an email/call and we'll let you know where we'll be and you can come and celebrate with us.

Off to ice a cake.... just got to make it first!
X Shirley

P.S. Here's a few shots from Candace's birthday party yesterday including a video clip of Samuel getting down to Mel and Kim's 'Respectable' with Auntie Victoria.



Tina said...

Firstly a very happy Birthday to Candice, looks like to had a fantastic party, cool cake, yum.
And a very Happy Birthday to Samuel, one of the most prayed for little boys in New Zealand. Have a fantastic day and we will be thinking of you in Oz Thanking God for the blessing that He has given you and us all so we can all celebrate this special day with you.

bronheslop said...

YAY! Can't wait for tomorrow - the little boys are very excited to be coming to celebrate Sam's first birthday. WOW - what a year! I agree with Tina - Sam IS one of the most prayed-for little boys in NZ! :-) See you tomorrow!

Christine MacDonald said...

Happy Birthday Candice, looks like you had a fun party. A very Happy Birthday to Samuel, what a milestone. It has been quite a year with many ups and downs but God and many others have been on that journey with you. Many Blessings for a very happy day

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Samuel. You are indeed the most special taonga in New Zealand today and in years to come. Have a great day with your wonderful family.

Hi Annie - being the usual fantastic Nan I see with youor grandchildren. You are such a lovely person and cousin.

Lots of love from all in Palmerston North and Waitotara.

Anonymous said...

It may be very wet and soggy outside but we can almost feel the warmth and excitement of your celebrations here in Tauranga. A special day for a special boy and rejoicing with you all. With our love M&S

Anonymous said...

what funky girls for what looked like a funky party - and what a year you all have had. It is amazing to think that you will be celebrating Samuel's first birthday. so many highs and lows that you have gone through, but through it all you have known God sustaining and keeping you. Your witness and testimony to God's goodness and faithfulness over the last year has been amazing - what a special little boy/brother you have. you will never know the way that he and you have blessed so many people over the last year as we have followed little Samuel's amazing journey. We pray for the year ahead - whatever comes your way may you know the peace that passes understanding and know that there are many many people thinking and praying for your beautiful family. We wish we were there to celebrate with you, but we will be remembering you all from afar.

Lots of love MERRW?

Elaine & Family said...

From Taylor & Harrison (Mackenzie is dribbling the tune)...
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Samuel
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!

We were going to ring but thought you'd be just busy enough! Hope you are all having a great day celebrating!

Jacinta said...

*Happy Birthday Samuel* May this next year be a great one with good health & happy times!

Samantha Sutherland said...

Happy Birthday Candice!
And Happy Birthday to a special little fella! well done on surviving a tumultuous year mum and dad - you were probably wondering how you were going to make it through this year and now here you are, and Sam is thriving and such an adored member of your family. Well done to all of you. Its good to see Sam looking so good!

Yvonne said...

Happy Birthday Candace, a little late but not too late to mention. Looks as tho you had a lot of fun.

Happy Birthday Samuel with less than an hour to go before it ticks over to a new day. Bet you all snug in bed on a grotty night after a major milestone celebration.
The pic of Sam at top of post must be the best yet, that smile says it all.

The Doughertys said...

Hope you all had a fantastic time celebrating the birthdays. Go the Davys. Great picks and video. Much love from us all. The Dockers

The Doughertys said...

Hope you all had a fantastic time celebrating the birthdays. Go the Davys. Great picks and video. Much love from us all. The Dockers

Marybeth said...

Truly amazing Shirley!! Happy birthday to Candice & Sam =] and let the years continue to roll byyyy

Carole said...

Belated happy birthday Candice; my- you look great, and have grown considerably since I last saw you in the UK , many bithdays ago I guess! So wonderful to see Samuel - I year old - praise the Lord for His continued love over your family. What a year it has been for you all, but you have come through it - with amazing love. Our prayers are with you now, for a less 'hectic' year ahead, peace and stability for you and your lovely family Francis and Shirley.