Monday, June 21, 2010


Today I took Sam into Starship for a contrast study via the distal limb of his ileostomy. That is they put a catheter into the bottom part of his stoma and injected about 50 mls of contrast (clear fluid) and viewed where it went under live xray. It took about 20 mins, of which Sam screamed for the duration. But the radiologist said there appeared to be a considerable amount of potential small bowel that could be used, not currently being used. So it was a positive day but we wait to hear from the surgeon once they've reviewed the pictures as to what the plan may be.

Sam now has 2 bottom teeth and went to sleep with the help of some paracetemol, as he's been a bit grizzly since the procedure, which isn't surprising. Francis went to sleep with little help, as he was up watching the All White World Cup game at 2 am last night, and now I shall go after finishing off Sam's meds.

Short and sweet - virtually unheard of!


Anonymous said...

Very pleased that it looks promising for Sam to be able to use more of the small bowel. Also pleased that the long road to getting the correct help has come to the point where it is in action...

Hoping and praying for more good news this week and no more UTI's...

take care - it was great to see Samuel on Sunday but missed catching up with you!

bronheslop said...

Big hugs to your family from ours. The kids have been home all week with heavy colds and high temps, but hope to be 100% for the holidays. It would be nice to catch up with you guys if you're around too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love you all and ARE praying, am so blessed by the time you take to communicate on you guys and your family. You are sweet memories to us and dear friends. Think of you as life continues, hope you are being "fed" and find joy in the days as they pass by. WE love you.
Lors Family