Friday, June 11, 2010

UTI's & MRI's & D&Vs!

It seems Sam has a UTI - so he's still in Starship for the weekend. I was in with him today whilst Francis sorted out the car insurance and headed home to catch up on some sleep after an 11 hour stint in CED!....but school called to say Candace was in the sick bay, so he ended up picking up the girls early. Candace slept for the afternoon, then he popped the girls in the car and called me when he was 2 mins from Starship and we 'tag parented', so he's with Sam for the night and I returned home with the girls. Candace has vomitting and diarrohea, so bedding is getting washed as we speak! I think we're in for another single parent weekend.

We haven't updated you on the MRI scan taken about 3 weeks ago. The scan shows a mass about 7.5 by 1.3 cm between his lungs and spine. After numerous consultations with specialists it's still not clear what it exactly is. They believe part of it is fatty tissue, but the rest is a mystery. It is too difficult to biopsy as they would have to go in through his back. They've decided to run full urine sampling for 24 hours to test for certain chemicals which could indicate a possible adrenal gland issue/growth, and also to do a repeat MRI in 3 months to compare. As he's in hospital this weekend they'll do the urine collection now.

Sam seems to be responding quickly to the I.V. antibiotics and after a grizzly day, he was getting back to his normal happy self around 5pm. The plan is for him to be in over the weekend, which is just as well with his sister at home vomitting and running to the toilet.

The highlight of my day was getting a call from our friends in Hong Kong who so get what our life is like now that they are in the strange world of hospital. Their darling Isaac is in surgery now for a second round of trying to remove any remaining tumour, but amazingly one of the best surgeons in that field is in China at the moment - the combined experience of 3 operating surgeons in the theatre is around 100 years! So that's amazing and we join them in waiting and praying for a good outcome for Isaac. It's just so nice to talk with people that get the life without having to say a word. Thanks Greg for calling - you guys are legends!

Happy Weekends wherever you are.
X Shirl

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Anonymous said...

Sorry that Samuel has had to go back in but i hope he manages to fight the infection and get back to his cheerful self - hope you are not so 'stretched' today - i guess with Francis back at least he can do some of the 'stretching' for you. We continue to pray for you with all of the stress. Sorry your date was somewhat curtailed, but I am sure you will find something special........ lots of love from all of us. MERRW?