Friday, August 13, 2010

From Room 9, Ward 26B

On August the thirteenth 2010
Samuel was sleeping but woke upon when
The cleaner clunked and rattled the door
To empty the bin, but her aim rather poor

Sam woke a screaming, fed up with the din
His mother named Shirley had thoughts that were sin!
Two weeks it has been in our alternate home
'Get me out' Shirley wished, a text beeped on her phone

'Gr8 news!' the text read, from her husband it came
In response to my text, which was much of the same
I was able to share of fresh news that abounds
Sam is well enough, to take home, safe and sound

But before we leap and frolick some more
The weekend before us - well it's the same as before
We still need some training the nurse came and she said
'You still need to learn how to give iv antibiotical meds'.

So on Monday my training will start with a flourish
So we can get home, to be a family of five-ish
A medical student I will continue to be
So I can care for my boy, together... a family

I longingly look forward to my warm comfy bed
Tonight I shall sleep without monitors, beepings and meds
Tomorrow it shall be dear Francis delight
To be woken by the cleaner, with a bang and a fright!

Tuesday is the date we are working towards
To be trained and ready and looking forward
To 2 girls, 1 boy, a mum and a dad
All home together, delighted, not sad!


Anonymous said...

Move over Sam Hunt and Uncle Henry!!! Actulaay shades of Pete too. xxx great to hear the news - they will have to give you an honarary nursing degree now!! Jude

Anonymous said...

so you will be out of there soon - i am sure that by now you are a fast learner and IV Antibiotics will be just another one of the many skills you have developed.Great that Sam has recovered from this infection. Hopin ghtat you soon get some good family time all together. thinking of you all and sending lots of love. MERRW&?

Yolanda said...

LOVE IT, Shirley!! What a fun way to read the great news!

The Doughertys said...

fantastic news....and in poetry, you're a star and a wonder. so, so pleased that you are homeward bound. must be a great feeling. much love, fi and col

The Pelans said...

Wow Shirley. We love reading your blogs (especially the ones with good news of course) and then you go one step further and write your latest news in poetry! How on earth do you do it? So glad to hear Sam's getting over this latest infection and that you'll be home together soon.
Thinking of you, as always,
The Pelans

bronheslop said...

Haha - not just Mum, wife, doctor-in-training, friend.....but poet as well! You're incredible Shirley. Just been catching up on your last few weeks - man! Ollie and I were in Starship on Thursday night (croup), should have come to see you. Talk soon, Bron xx

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all.....

Marybeth Weber said...

My gosh that picture is so adorable<3 I'm glad he is doing better & is home!<3

leticia said...

Love the picture so Sam!! so Happy!!!! Still reading yoru blog and praying for you cos I know what your life is like. Any Prayer points???