Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Surgery tomorrow, Thursday 19

We've been home nearly 36 hours and I'm packing up Sam's 'care bag' of all his daily supplies, ready for taking him back to hospital tomorrow - this time to the Day Stay unit. He is to be nil by mouth (for him that means stopping his GJ milk feeds) from 0700, to be in Starship by 12.30 for an afternoon slot. Sams left ureter is currently stitched to his left side, and looks like a small bellybutton where we insert a catheter into every 4 hours to drain the fluid that has collected in his left kidney. This surgery was done when he was only weeks old, but the body is an amazing thing and has spent the last few months trying to heal this hole......which is what the body does when there is a scratch/wound or injury... BUT Sam desperately needs this hole to drain his urine, hence the problem and discomfort for Sam.

So although surgery is never a nice option, I think this is the first one where I am looking forward to the results in a more positive way. Most of his surgeries were done as a tiny baby, but now Sam is an interactive 'toddler', this surgery will hopefully really improve his quality of life. It is so heart-wrenching to see his face start to wrinkle and grimace when he seems me with the catheter and to see him looking at me with betrayal and, 'why are you inflicting this pain on me' kind of look as he writhes and screams in agony - and that's not melo-dramatic speak, it's really been this for the past 3 months.

So we will be praying for the ever talented surgical team tomorrow - I just can't get my head around how they are so skillful and are able to do what they do - it's just wonderful.

Will be back tomorrow night with an update.... (I must say that I am taking in an overnight bag just incase it's needed).

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys, ive been keeping up with samuel and his blog and its been really good to be able to see how cute he is and he hes getting on. all the medical lingo is familar aswell which helps and this semester im writing a paper on TPN and the complications of it, was going to write about wee samuels condition but there wasnt enough information for wat i needed, so im doing it for samuel. thinking of you guys xox love Eleanor