Friday, September 3, 2010

Ground Hog Day

Sam and I returned home to sleep on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday we were still in hospital but sitting around watching the hours tick by waiting for an antibiotic infusion, so on both days I took Sam at 2.30, did the school run (swimming on Monday, piano on Tuesday) with the girls and then got back to hospital for 5pm infusions.... then slept over. So the only thing keeping us in hospital was the 1 hour infusion, which they didn't want us to do at home....... I'm going to work on them for next time, as it doesn't look any harder than all the other stuff we do with him, and would make family life a lot more pleasant.....

So on Wednesday we left the ward and got the lift from level 4 to level 2 and became a 'day patient'. Sam had his blood test, we waited 2 hours for the results, we had the infusion and came home.

On Thursday I dropped the girls off to school, bundled Sam in the car, drove to Starship, had a blood test, waited 2 hours for the results, didn't have the infusion as levels too high, got back in time to get the girls from school.

Today, I dropped the girls off to school, bundled Sam in the car, drove to Starship, had a blood test, waited 2 hours for the result, did have the infusion, got back in time to get the girls from school.

Tomorrow - we DON'T need to go to Starship! I'm so excited about this on many fronts:
1. The roads are going to be chaos around the hospital as part of the motorway is shut for 2 days whilst they move a new road into place.
2. Sam's urine sample came back clear, so gentimycin not needed.
3. I'm totally over spending what seems like my every waking moment in Starship.

The medical team have decided to put Sam back on prophylactic antibiotics to hopefully stop his run of UTIs.

On another note, his GJ tube has started gushing fluid/mucous/milk all around the tube. Hard to explain, but the Doc took a look today and spoke to radiology. Hopefully on Monday we will get back in so this attachment can be looked at, as it may have moved, or may need replacing. The downside is that Tuesday is the start of a nationwide strike by radiographers, which could go on indefinitely - they have been striking all week at Starship, so it's having a huge impact on the whole hospital - cancelled surgeries etc, and if Sam needs something sorted he could be impacted. At the moment we are trussing him up like a chicken - we put a wad of pads over the hole and then put a stretchy corset thing around his tummy to hold it in place. We are using barrier cream on his torso as we don't want him to have issues of broken down skin due to stomach acid.

I don't know if it's the end of winter, or just getting a bit fed up, but it would be good to get back to the routine of life at home that we knew for a whole 10 weeks. It seems to just be one thing after another, but right now, today Sam is happy and asleep..... and we just take it a day at a time......


The Doughertys said...

You guys have been on my heart a lot....dont know what to say really, wish it could be easier for you. You are a constant source of encouragement to me....the way you do life. I pray that thru this time of difficulty and trial you will know Gods peace and that many people will come to know Gods love thru your testimony. Much love, Fi

Nicholls's said...

We think of you lots and the logistics of your life are light years from ours. It's a blessing you are in Auckland, not Christchurch; you don't need an earthquake to add to the equation. Praying life returns to a more normal routine. M&S

Leticia said...

Glad you don't have to cope with this earthquake as well.. Praying for you heaps that normal will return and Sam wont have any more UTI's.

bronheslop said...

Big hugs from us, as you deal with all that life with Sam brings. Hope you've managed to spend Father's Day together as a family - HFD, Fwasis! Our daily prayers for you all continue - hope you have a better week. xxoo