Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home a day earlier than expected!

Yes Sam and I arrived home about 6pm tonight, so he is asleep and hooked up to his home TPN pump (different to the hospital ones) and his milk and sleeping like a baby!

It was a busy afternoon with the social workers popping in to discuss ongoing home care/respite details and then the ID (Infectious Disease) lady popping in to discuss Sam. His urine is culturing a bug called klebsiella, which is a 'superbug', so he needs to be cared for in isolation from now on and all staff handling him need to be wearing gloves/gowns. Many 'Joe Publics' will have colonised super bugs like Sam, and as along as we all have good hand hygiene it's not an issue. But when we are in Starship amongst sick and frail people it is more of an issue. So we talked through the implications of this on his care. After Francis shared a room with Mr Snorer from Palmerston North (I'm not connecting the two!), the idea of always having our own room from now on is a pretty good one! Then I had a chat with the Dr about the changes to his medicines, as they are trying another option of prophylactic for UTI's, as the 'bug' is not sensitive to the earlier used antibiotic. They are not trying to treat the superbug, as it's not causing Sam to be unwell, but they are still intent on keeping UTI's at bay - which from my limited understanding is another bacteria.

None of the above is a surprise given he is a frequent long stay patient and has had long term exposure to antibiotics, and like all good germs they are mutating to stay alive. But we hope and pray that it will be a longer stint at home than the last one.

The dietician has increased his milk to 16 mls/hour over 20 hours and also increased the calories in his TPN as he isn't putting on weight. He is still around the 7.9kg mark, which he has sat at for quite a few months now. He is still on TPN for 15 hours. He continues to love drinking his milk bottles, even though most of it is vomited up or leaks out around his GJ site - so it's always messy, but he smiles through it! His GJ site is frustrating, as there is no apparent reason why it leaks so much at random times and nothing we can do except mop it up and change him frequently.

Sam is now much more vocal (chats all day), very responsive and wriggling and wanting to move constantly, so life is getting a bit busier as we try to help him in his frustration of wanting to move, yet having the added leads etc.

Looking forward to an uneventful day at home with Sam tomorrow.
Best wishes, Team Davy


The Doughertys said...

Much love from the Dockers xxxxx

Marybeth Weber said...

I'm glad he is doing better Shirley!! I hope the UTIs will just stay away!!! I converted Sam's weight into our measurement system, and I must say it's not too shabby for his age and being a TPN baby!! Janessa is stuck at 4.8 =( and she's 22 hour TPN!!

Hope all remains well<3 Take Care!

Anonymous said...

Hope all continues to go well at home - Paul, Gemma, Abbie & Lewis x

Anonymous said...

WE LOVE YOU FRIEND! Hugs to you and the girls...was bittersweet seeing Francis...wondering how we could adventure to NZ tosee you! Lors

Marybeth Weber said...

Oh here is Janessa's blog