Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Iron Man

I got a call from the hospital yesterday to say that Sam's monthly blood results are back and he is iron deficient, so tomorrow I will drop the girls at school and head into hospital with Sam, aiming to get there for 9am. The iron is infused over around 6 - 8 hours from memory, so it could be a long day keeping Sam entertained enough so he's not tempted to pull out his various lines. We will be in the Daystay unit, which also has a play specialist, so I shall make the most of the toys, dvd's to keep him occupied.

Yesterday Francis flew out for PNG & the Solomon Islands for 10 days, so I've made the conscious effort to not be anxious, as what will be will be.....and it's very life giving knowing that all our days are not in our control but the Lords.

We've had a bunch of emails about the earthquake that hit NZ last week - Christchurch to be exact. It hasn't physically affected us at all, as we are in the middle of the North Island and Christchurch is the middle of the South Island. But I think it's affected us all as the fragility of life is yet again emphasised. The girls have been talking about it at school and we spent the weekend getting our emergency plan/supply in place. Sam needs a few crates of supplies all of his own if we were to be caught up in a natural disaster, so I have spent the last couple of days squirreling away his supplies.

The OT visit last week was very encouraging and she could see how much stronger Sam has become. Thanks to trade me Sam is now the proud owner of 145 coloured balls ($10!) and he loves his little ball pit. The OT is keen to get him walking, so is looking into walking frames for him and we await info on that..... Think ectoskeleton from Avatar meets Wallace and Gromits wrong trousers! I'm just hoping it comes with a remote! She gave us different exercises to encourage his feet to be flat on the floor and to help him move. The plan is to bypass crawling as he doesn't/won't lie on his front and is just plain uncomfortable with him with all his stomach gadgets going on.

So we are just plodding along......praying that he keeps UTI free and has a chance to just focus on growing and getting stronger.



Anonymous said...

Really great to keep up to speed with little Samuel's progress. Your life is running so much like our's did with Abbie for the first 2 years it's frightening! Believe us, things do get easier and less stressful. You still spend at least 3 days a month at hospital for various appointments and some symptoms will go and new one's will become apparent but as lons as he has that cheeky smile and a loving family around him he'll be fine! Things with the little fella are panning out so much like Abbie that i will have a think about what we came across and still are coming up against and send you an e-mail with the details on so as that you can be pre-warned. None of it may be a problem for you but as everything is so much like Abbie so far then maybe better to be pre-warned.....let me know what you think as don't want to bum you out with negative stuff! Loads of love, Paul, Gemma, Abbie & Lewis

Anonymous said...

Hey Shirley
All the best to you while Francis is away. I'm so glad Samuel is in good hands and that he seems to be getting stronger each day. Remember that you are in our thoughts and prayers! Marianne x