Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Special Birthday

Sam was invited to a very special 2 year old birthday party on Sunday - friends we met at Starship. It was fantastic to be able to celebrate their sons birthday and to see how well he has flourished at home in their care - it was really lovely and Sam and the girls enjoyed having Old MacDonald and his farm in attendance! Sam wasn't too sure about the horse, but happy enough around the smaller animals such as calf, kid and rabbits. The girls took a liking to the rat (totally grosse!) and have begged ever since for one. No amount of pleading on their part will ever change my mind on the rat front!

Yesterday (Monday) Sam and I tootled back to Starship, but this time to the radiology department to try to get to the bottom of the GJ leaks. A dye study was done and the tube was still in the right place but it did have a small leak further up the line, which could account for the extra milk/mucous oozing out around his GJ. This tube's been in place for 4 months, so it was overdue for a change anyway, so it was replaced. Sam did his usual 'face fall' when he realised he was about to be man-handled and something was to happen to him. He started sobbing with the saddest eyes you can imagine long before anyone touched him.... but then he cheered up and was relaxed and fine for the 20 min proceedings. So we will watch the outputs and see if this change helps the site to settle down.

The physio is coming this morning to contort him and check up on his progress.

Otherwise hopefully just an uneventful day...

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Anonymous said...

Hi folks-can certainly arrange for a few rats to go north for your girls, although farm rats may not be quite what is required.Can certainly spare some though!
Glad to hear that Sam is dealing with his forced handling okay - praying that he has a nice long time back at home soon so that you can all have a break.