Saturday, October 30, 2010

'How long is a piece of string?'

On Wednesday I returned home with Sam, after a 9 day stay waiting to get some resolution on a plan for fixing the leaking GJ tube, which urgently needed resolving as his electrolytes were constantly dipping and diving, his skin was breaking down and it just doesn't seem to work well anymore. Every day I would ask the Drs the same questions to which the same answer (How long is a piece of string?) would be given, apparently no matter the question. My daily mantra: 'What time do you think the surgeons will come to see Sam today?, 'If/when GJ is replaced how long do you think that admission will be?', 'I need to get a permit for our car parking so I don't have to take out another mortgage, how long should I get it for?', 'What time do you think the surgeons might get up to see us today?', 'How long do you think it took for the chicken to cross the road?', 'Could it possibly, even maybe, be a vague likelihood that the surgeons might accidentally manage to pop in on us if they had a minute today?'!!!!

After 8 days of waiting the surgeons popped in to see Sam on Wednesday morning for about 6 minutes and 13 seconds, saying he was booked in for the following Tuesday. Quick, concise, easy and out. I'm thinking, 'You could have done that a week ago and we could have been home', but I didn't say it as I was just so grateful they had seen Sam and booked him in for the replacement. So I had the usual scramble that leaving hospital is so I can get home by 3 to get the girls from school: Phone agency to book in home help, phone Biomed to arrange change of TPN delivery, phone local labtest to sort out bloodtests for Thursday morning, run new prescription to hospital pharmacy, phone local pharmacy for repeat scripts, pack up room and 2 trips to the car with 'stuff', run back to pharmacy for meds that are now ready, get to car and put Sam in seat before remembering I still have medicine in the ward fridge, take Sam out of car seat and return to ward for medicine, back to carpark and put Sam in car and drive home via the fresh strawberry seller on the side of the road, as I feel the urge for something yummy to block the memory of the last 9 days squandered needlessly in Starship!

The bizarre thing is that as Sam already has a hole in his stomach (that the current broken tube is in) he actually may not need surgery. A standard GJ tube (or Mickey Button) is twice as wide as his current tube and is secured internally (unlike this tube). They are hoping that they can put it in with minimal sedation in radiology. They hope to put the tube in, inject dye into the tube to make sure the tube is in the right place and hopefully that can be straight forward. The reason the surgeons are involved, is that they have to block out surgical time incase there is a problem putting it in (sometimes the stomach can separate from the lining) and then he would be whisked down to surgery to have it put in.

So best case scenario is A: that I turn up to Starship at 7.30 on Tuesday morning, sometime in the day the tube is put in in radiology, we stay in overnight (beef bourguignon, honey glazed carrots with moroccan couscous on the menu) to ensure it's ok and learn how to care for it/use it and then come home Wed.

Worst case scenario is B: that the tube doesn't fit/something internally 'splits' and he will be whisked away to surgery to have it put in ... and then the stay could be 'as long as a piece of string!'

We are praying for option A as I have collected enough string now to knit a sweater and it's summer and I don't need nor want a new sweater, but time out in the sun!

You haven't seen a video of Sam for a while so click below to see how chatty he is now.

Hoping you can manage some rest this weekend with loved ones!


Jill said...

Oh, Shirley - I can picture it all! Praying that God will continue to give you the grace you need for each moment. I've had some similar experiences in the past, and I'm afraid I didn't always handle it with as much humour as you!

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how frustrating that must have been. Being away from your girls and home just because the surgeons took so long to have a quick look. Praying that all goes well and you are both out again soon after the procedure on Tuesday...Lisa

Anonymous said...

Praying for Option A.
It's time for summer clothing, no need for any more sweaters!
Praying for strength for you all and for fantastic and quick co-operation from all the medical staff.
Margo xxxx

Anonymous said...

May Tuesday follow plan A - please God hear our prayer and bring a wonderful solution for Sam's needs. Clare & co

Anonymous said...

May all go well for Sam and so for all of you on Tuesday. Praying!
The Crawfords