Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Still waiting......

I returned from the floods in Laos and Cambodia to springtime in Auckland, which means we can get Samuel outside more often to work on his tan i.e. Vitamin D levels. We just enjoyed fantastic weather over the long weekend down in Rotorua (my hometown), unfortunately it was without Shirley and Samuel who ended up holidaying at Starship hospital as Samuel still hasn't had the surgery he needs to resolve the leakage from his GJ site. We're into week 2 now and the latest news is that the surgeon will be visiting Samuel first thing tomorrow morning to review the GJ situation and decide on a plan as the amount of fluid that he is currently losing out the hole in his tummy is messing up the fine balance of fluids and essential mineral levels that need to be maintained to optimize his growth and organ functions. Hopefully that plan will involve a surgical implant of a more secure GJ tube that enables the skin to close up and prevent ongoing leakage and displacement of the tube in his intestine. So we're hoping to have us all home again by next weekend but in the meantime Shirley is getting Samuel home in the afternoons and then back into hospital for the evenings. We'll let you know when the procedure's completed and he's home again.


Elaine said...

Very cool photos!!!!he looks like such a little dude sitting on the tramp!!

Yolanda said...

GREAT pictures!! He is one happy chappy!
Our whole staff at school is praying for this surgery - looking forward to giving them the report when it's done.
Love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great photo. Shirley you look awesome, and as for Samuel - C.U.T.E!!!!
So So So So SO awesome to see you on the weekend Francis :o)
You are all such an inspiration to us. One day if we venture up your way we would love to see you.
Take care and our prayers are always with you wonderful Davy Family
Margo xxxx

Michelle U said...

What an adorable little boy. It was wonderful to catch up with Francis over the long weekend, and to hear about Samuel's struggle. My thoughts are with you all.