Thursday, October 21, 2010

TPN - Yes, Ice-cream..... um NO!

Sam's had a relatively happy 4 days in Starship - Francis is sleeping with him tonight so I get a night at home with the girls, before he heads away with them to Rotorua for the long weekend to stay with cousins and I bunk back in with Sam, unless I can convince the Dr that I can escape for a few days and come back next week.

The quick summary is that this week the skin has cleared up a lot due to good wound management in hospital and trying to keep the tube more secure. The various teams have agreed that Sam needs to have a new attachment put in where this tube is. He had this tube put in in radiology (ie, it's not surgically secured) when he was about 5 months old. Now he is much bigger and stronger it is hoped he could cope with a standard GJ tube otherwise known as a mickie button (don't ask me why). So we hope to hear from the surgical team possibly tomorrow of a time frame - there is lots and lots of waiting in hospital, so I use the term 'hope' as a vague possibility kind of like I might say, 'I hope to win Mrs Universe one day...'

Due to the fluids that that he's been losing around this tube, after blood tests it was discovered that Sam's electrolytes were all out of synch, so today he had various fluid boluses given, extra sodium and potassium and was on a constant infusion of some sort when he wasn't on his TPN.

In saying that he has been completely happy and animated. 2 more teeth have broken through his bottom gum and 2 more top ones are imminent.

Yesterday as I was feeding Sam a teaspoon of carrot and as he was so happy eating and I had a wee tub of ice cream I thought a spoonful would help his sore teething gums and be a nice treat for him... so I gave him a bit and he loved it so he probably had about 2 teaspoons of vanilla ice-cream. About 2 minutes later his cheeks are very red, he's scratching with both hands, grizzling and he comes up in big white welts! The on call Dr was 'bleeped' but it was decided he didn't need anything. It was a bit alarming how quickly he reacted but we watched him closely and although his heart rate went up, his breathing was fine. So ice cream is off the menu indefinitely, but then I should probably get him hooked on broccoli first anyway!

It's a holiday weekend coming up here in NZ, so may you all enjoy working in your gardens, having the first bbq's of the 'summer' and we will see you next week.
Arohanui, X


The Doughertys said...

Hope you guys have a great weekend as well. Enjoy the time away in Rotorua and heres hoping you get some down time just for you too Shirley. Cols working this weekend so staying put. The weather forecast looks great then Col and I are off to Whangamata on Monday for a few days without kids, yeah. Love you guys heaps, Fi

Anonymous said...

too funny about the ice cream shirl...poor bugger, that's ok, fruity ice pops are just as refreshing! It's a holiday weekend here as well, BOAT RACES! Lots of fun to be had, but Asia is down w/ a fever (think it might be bronchitis, if so it's her 3rd this year =( Please do pray for our sweety! I miss you friend! Would be good to have a nice long chat on the phone some time, except our Lao Cell connections ALWAYS cut out...I hope you are well, squeeze some chocolate in for me! Remind Francis we gave a bit of a gift for the girls...
Anna Lor

thecarlows said...

Great to catch up on things with you guys, and lovely to hear from the blog what youve been upto, over the past months. Glad to see the latest picture of Sam, he so looks like Shirley now, lovely to catch up with Francis in the summer, and we all hope to see you all at Heathrow one day.
Love us all Steve, Mel and the boys.xxxx