Saturday, November 27, 2010


This is Samuel being fitted for a new standing frame which will help him learn to stand as he's not showing any sign of crawling and once he's upright, gravity will help improve his drainage problems. Shirley took him back into Starship on Thursday when pseudomonas was confirmed in his latest urine test, requiring IV antibiotics. Now that he's in, Samuel's surgeon is going to circumcise to try and prevent the recurring UTIs, as he suggested to me over breakfast in the Solomon Islands last week. So Samuel may spend much of the coming week back in hospital, he's very happy still so the girls and I will head in this afternoon for some family time at our 2nd home.

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Anonymous said...

Looking groovy!! Hope that he loves it and it has all the desired effects! His favourite Uncle and Auntie loved meeting him a couple of weeks ago.! Thanks Candace, Jasmine and Shirley for a great time - loved every minute - such hospitality. xx Jude and Pete