Monday, December 20, 2010

10 kgs

Well we got Sam home about 6pm on Saturday night - 15 days after his admission. He is still on IV antibiotics until tomorrow, but we are doing them at home. When he was weighed on Saturday he tipped the scales at 10kg. As he doesn't crawl/move he is getting quite a lump to lug about, so he is our daily exercise regimen.

His renal DTPA showed that both his kidneys are functioning at about 50% capacity, but inspite of how damaged they are, it seems that the numbers are ok.

His circumcision has been deferred til sometime in the New Year.

He is very well and happy. We are too, but can add very tired in with that. Ongoing broken sleep at hospital with the combination of running around with the girls to try and keep their life normal, means we are very much looking forward to a very quiet and dull Christmas.

Off to enjoy being in my kitchen, baking biscotti and pottering, having the girls at home. Tis the season to be jolly... and lazy.



Anonymous said...

hey there - wishing you all a very happy Christmas! lazy and quiet sounds lovely. Sitting at work listening to carols while the babies sleep. Hope that yours is too.
lots of love from Pete and Jude and kids. will talk on the 25th. xx

bronheslop said...

Oh, Shirley - no-one could describe you as lazy! Glad to know you're home; hope it stays that way for a while now. Enjoy the build up to Christmas with your family, and have a fabulous day on Saturday. Love to everyone from us.
Bron and the boys xxooxxoo