Monday, December 13, 2010

At last, an update from us!

It's Monday night and Sam has been in for 9 days now. The first 3 days of his stay weren't much fun, as he was sceptic which meant he started collecting fluid, which meant he had to work harder to cope with the extra fluid so he ended up back on oxygen. This was disappointing and not much fun watching him struggle and just hoping and praying the germs he was growing would start being knocked back by the antibiotics. He was on three different abx, but now cut back to two. He is now back to normal with his breathing and off oxygen. Every day blood has been taken from his line to see if there are still bugs - in the early days he had 2 bugs but it's been 2 days now that the cultures are not growing anything so that is great news.

On Thursday we went to the adult hospital and he had a renal DPTA (?) where by they injected isotopes into his central line and watched and waited to see the flow of it through his system and kidneys. He was restrained in a perspex holder, but it wasn't sore and he actually fell asleep! We await the results of this study to be interpreted.

On Friday the circumcision was deferred as he was still on oxygen and with his body coping with so much it wasn't deemed to be wise to challenge his struggling body with a general anaestetic.

So for now we await to see what the Drs have to say tomorrow. The surgeons are aware Sam is back to normal, no bugs in his urine or his blood, so it would be good if they could fit him in this week for the circumcision but tomorrow will reveal more. ID (Infectious Disease) Drs are the ones that call the shots regarding the length and dose of treatments for these infections, so again we wait til tomorrow.

The girls are doing great considering all the tooing and froing. Christmas is rather in the background, but that's ok as we love Christmas and it will happen regardless of where we are!. Last night Francis & I took the girls to GLOW, which was St Pauls carol service at Vector Arena - it was amazing to be singing carols and waving our glow sticks with 7000 others, so that was a lovely Christmas moment. We have Saturday to look forward to as we are all heading to Rainbows End (theme park) courtesy of the Kids Foundation - the charity that has taken us under their wing, visiting weekly when in hospital offering advice and support and encouragement.

I am now the proud owner of my own USB broadband modem, so will try and update more regularly.



Sheridan said...

Heh Shirley... I got to meet Sam in the carpark at Starship on Sunday! It was so so nice to see him & receive one of his breathtaking smiles!!! So so gorgeous! Great to see Francis too! Hope it won't be too long till you get to take him home! Bless you!! Sheridan x

bronheslop said...

I love his picture - such a charming, handsome young man. Sorry to hear he's still in hospital, but love your attitude. Was amazed by the story of Francis meeting Sam's urologist in the Solomons, of all places! (I worked in the Solomons too - but on a frigate!)
I hope to catch up over the Christmas hols, Shirley, but will ring first. Big hugs to you all. Bron and the boys xxoo