Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Back in Emergency Dept

UPDATE: There was 'no room in the inn'. Our usual 26B residence was full, so at about 1am we ended up on 25B.... I just thought it was a seasonally appropriate irony....thankfully there was a cot and no manger! We have just moved onto 26B and Sam has a really high temp. Still just watching and waiting for results of various swabs and trying to keep him settled. The girls were here at 7.30am and had breakfast watching Marley & Me and are now happily creating things in the play room.

Sam had a great couple of days, then today he woke and was really grizzly....all day he grizzled and was clingy, wanting picked up one minute, then wanting down, up, down, grizzle, cling. I was desperately hoping it was teething pain, but with a temp of 38.3 an hour after paracetemol we knew it was another trip into Starship.

So we loaded Sam and the girls into the car and Francis dropped me into the city..... normally I take a car in and just park it here, but tomorrow it's booked in for a service and warrant...and normal life needs to carry on around the uncertainty. The girls were fed up and hungry (was 7pm by the time we got in) and teary as we kissed goodbye... they adore their brother and each time he becomes sick quickly you can see the fear in their eyes and the questions like, 'is he a little bit sick or really sick?' come our way. They are amazing little girls, but they have a lot of stuff in their heads to process.... so I feel sad sitting here writing this as I really miss them and hate how suddenly life changes for them and how we don't have answers for them.

Sam has just had swabs taken of his GJ site (oozing a bit), 2 urine samples and blood cultures taken, in the hope they can pin point the source of these ongoing infections. Now his gent infusion pump is flashing beside his sleeping body, with 15 minutes left to run before he has amoxycillin, then hooking up to his TPN. So he's 5 hours later being hooked up with his 'dinner', but he is sleeping and well hydrated.

Tomorrow Francis is dropping the girls up here about 7.30am for the morning, before they are being whisked away by friends for the afternoon.... we can't exaggerate how grateful we are for our friends and family who pick up the pieces.....



Anonymous said...

Reading your blog always puts things in perspective. As I race around doing this and trying to finish that and thinking Christmas is creeping up rather quick I remember that you are in and out of hospital with Samuel, comforting the girls AND trying to do everyday life stuff.
We pray that God brings you a peaceful, restful time at home with ALL of your family.
Lots of luv Margo & Tim xx

Marybeth Weber said...

=( I'm so sorry you are in the hospital again!! It's really sad that Sam keeps getting these infections!! I have a question for you, does Sam get his antibiotic through his central line, and is he on a daily IV? Janessa has been on a daily IV since birth through her central line and we haven't had any Blood or Urinary Tract infections. I hope all these hospital visits come to a long closure after this round!!

- Marybeth

Jacinta said...

Hi Shirley & Family,

Thinking of Sam & hope that the source of these infections can be found soon! Praying he feels better quickly & that you all have a quiet & hopefully uneventful & no stress xmas day with family & loved ones.

Take care
Jacinta & Axel