Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Tonight Francis is in hospital with Sam, but I surprised him with a visit at about 8.30pm with the girls. Jas & Candace were not really looking forward to Christmas with Sam in hospital and at dinner were both a bit teary and upset and I was so tired and just wanted to go to bed.... but I wanted to get the girls out of their gloom as I know they will have a fab day tomorrow.

I've been on the ward and the team up there have made it a really lovely and inviting place...and when I finally admitted to myself that we would be in hospital over Christmas I set to and decorated Sam's room this morning, complete with plastic wall tree (you will have to wait for photos), lights and hangings, gifts and Christmas music. So when we popped in tonight Sam was asleep and the girls were delighted to see how fab the hospital looks and feels. A church group had been through carolling and left gifts for the patients and chocolates and lights are everywhere you look. We helped wrap some gifts for the patients and then once it got dark I drove the girls down the famous Franklin Road. It was GORGEOUS! Both sides of this very long residential street are tastefully decorated. Some houses had string quartets playing, some had carol singing and it was magical. So we drove home singing Christmas carols and the girls really excited about tomorrow.

Sam had a good day today with only a low grade temp. Nothing has yet grown from any of the cultures, which is a bit worrying as if nothing specific grows to fight they are talking about a long course of treatment to kill the 'phantom bug'....
Tomorrow I'm sure the girls will be up early, so we will head straight up to the hospital with unopened Santa gifts, taking up all our ingredients for bacon, egg and cheese bagel brunch. After Sam has had all his stuff sorted, we will just enjoy being together, then will all head out for lunch with Francis' family, taking Sam's meds/IV abx with us, so then we don't have to be back until about 5.30.

So the girls went to bed much happier, knowing they actually will get Christmas in 2 places - in hospital and with family.

Although Sam is not 100%, there are kids on the ward that are very ill and our hearts go out to their families. Tonight I go to bed filled with gratitude for the blessings of my lovely family - for our second Christmas with Sam, our 2 lovely girls and my loving husband. And so grateful that we have this time to stop, ponder and celebrate the mystery and power of God coming to be among his people in Jesus.

Merry Christmas


Anonymous said...

Shirley - you are an inspiration - I pray such a lovely Christmas for all of you together - and especially to wee friend Smiley Sam. Much love, viv

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all a blessed and joy filled Christmas, hope you have heaps of fun today.
Praying for Samuel and the team at Starship that they will find the right ABX to make Samuel feel better.
Love & Blessings
Christine MacDonald

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your update. Yes, you a wonderful inspiration. I am very sad to hear that Sam isn't quite well enough for home but delighted to read how wonderfully decorated his ward is. Wishing you all a blessed Christmas. You are in my prayers. Much love

The Doughertys said...

Hi guys, we just wanted you to know how much we have appreciated you sharing your lives with us over the past year. Theres been some rough times and times of joy but we thank God that he is constant and that you have looked to Him on every occasion. Hope Sammy is out of hospital soon and that his bug is dealt with. Love you guys heaps. Col, Fi, Sammy, Becky and Phoebe. xxxxxx