Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Well it's new year's eve and we've just been given clearance to go home! It will be so nice to be home after this 2 week stint. We are hoping and praying we will be home longer than last time (2 days) and the time before that (4 days).

It seems his temperatures may just have been his auto-immune system fighting off the cold he had/has, but as he's not had a temp for 48 hours and none of his cultures are growing anything, we can head home.

I'm too tired to think about what's happening tonight, I just want to get home and be a family again, I still have to pack up my room and make the trips up and down to the car, sort out meds, drug charts etc etc etc.... Transition day home is always busy and stressful with unpacking and getting Sam up and running on the home systems again. Holidays are always the hardest I find - the helpers that come to help out are on holiday, so not only do I not have any of the usual help, the girls are off school and needing time and attention, keen to do normal kid stuff like picnics, beach, riding bikes etc.... all which is that much harder to organise around thinking about meds and Sam's routine..... but hopefully we will manage to squeeze in some 'normal' fun things, although right now all I want to do is go to bed to recover from this stay.

I try to remember at times when I'm 'flat', the amazing kids on this ward that struggle each and every day; The smiley 13 year old with no kidneys that relies on haemo-dialysis every 2 days in order to live - and she beats me hands down at Mancala!; the beautiful 11 year old girl recently diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis that struggles to breath with the small part of one of her lungs that isn't damaged; the 9 year old boy next door that up until a few weeks ago was up and running around, stricken down by a flu that has left him completely paralysed.....and the list goes on and on.... I struggle as a carer and the limitations that has on us as a family, but the happy kids on this ward struggle to breath and function and I have so much to learn from them about making the most of every moment.

Thank you one and all for your care, interest, prayers and practical support over this past year. We are constantly humbled by the support we receive in so many forms, and as we get ready to embark on another year, we are so grateful to God for sustaining Sam and us, knowing that He will and can do the same next year.

May you all have time this holiday period to reflect on the amazing gift of life and health and may you know peace and joy whatever your circumstance.
X Davy Family


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Guys from
The Davies in Bangkok xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Shirley and family. We continue to follow your blog and pray for you all. Our hearts rise and fall with you as Sam's journey unfolds but we share with you the absolute certainty that God's love will never fail and His grace is sufficient for all our circumstances. Love and prayers,
Alison and Murray

Anonymous said...

Wow, that boy weighs more than Keon! He's prob. taller than him too! you ARE an amazing woman Shirley! I think about the times that I am constantly one my toes w/ the kids and I know that feeling of exhaustion and then adrenaline and emotional just blah...confusion...not being able to decipher what exactly what you're feeling. We pray for you, and Josiah prayed for you unprompted the other day. You will always be special friends to us and praying that God continues to carry you and strengthen you this next year. Blessings and a hug for the girls and big kiss on the cheek for prince Samuel... (you can just give Francis a high five =) Love you friend!
Anna L.

bronheslop said...

Happy New Year, Davy whanau! You guys rock. Every day we remember you and Sam in our prayers, and are amazed at the miracles that God has performed. We pray that you're home for longer this time, too, and that Sam stays healthy and happy.
Big hugs from all of us, to you.
Bron and the boys xxoo

Anonymous said...

Hi guys thinking of you especially at the start of a new year and so pleased that you are able to go home at last. Hope the girls are able to enjoy some family time. thanks for giving us all a greater sense of perspective about life, it is good to be reminded of this especially at the start of another year. we continue to talk about you and pray for you all as you will undoubtedly face many highs and lows in the year ahead, your faith, your positive approach and outlook, your perspective is an inspiration and a challenge to all of us who follow the progress of your dead little boy through your blog.... your family continues to touch the lives of many - we pray for you all this year that the difficulties you face will grow you closer to each other, that you will know infinte patience and love for each other. You are a special family and we do miss you guys...

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Davies, continuing to Pray for all of you. What a gorgeous unit you guys have praying in your low times the grace and Mercy of Jesus fills your heart to raise you up and keep you going and running the race HE has for you..

love you all Rosanna

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you all - we check into this blog almost daily as we know only so well what you're going through. Hope this year is a good one for you all and that you get some quality time together as a family. Love Paul, Gemma, Abbie & Lewis x x x x

Kate Manson said...

Hi Shirley and co, thinking of you lots and sending warm fuzzies and love your way from little old Temuka. You are an inspiration Shirley. Love Kate, Mike, Alice and Hazel xox