Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Still in

We had a fun Christmas in Starship for the morning, then we escaped with Sam in tow and had Christmas with family, returning to Starship by 6pm in time to hook Sam up to his 'dinner' and meds.
We've spent the past 3 days with one of us waking in hospital with him, doing his morning routine (meds, bath, hook off) then escaping home with him and his meds and antibiotics at about 11, returning to the ward by 6. He was improving BUT then yesterday he spiked another temperature. This was disappointing, as it means he probably doesn't just have a cold, but some other bacteria lingering that hasn't totally been killed by the antibiotic regime currently being hurled at him.
Up until yesterday the plan was to get him home on Wed (tomorrow), but in light of yesterdays spike and low grade temps today, we aren't going anywhere just yet! A whole other set of blood tests have been done, as were the usual urine and line cultures.

I'm with Sam tonight and he is already in a deep sleep after a rather fun day at home with long lost friends (& newly acquired ones) catching up with us over lunch - Sam is always Mr Social and just loves company, so we enjoyed having the day with friends.
So we just keep plodding and trying to make the most of each day even though we'd rather be at home.

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