Thursday, January 20, 2011

40.3 degrees and back in ED!

Yesterday Sam had a great day - the physio came and we sorted out a bunch more exercises to strengthen him, then we popped into hospital and all his numbers looked good and he was doing fine.... then last night he was really unsettled and had a fitful nights sleep and high temp.

This morning at 7am he was 38.8 and we sorted out the girls for the day, packed up and headed to ED. Right now he's having blood cultures taken off his line, he's had urine and faecal samples taken and he is 40.3 degrees and can't have any more paracetemol for 3 more hours. He can't have nurofen due to his kidney function, so I hope he can get back to sleep after the nurses have been, to help him through the next 3 hours.....although right now he is smiling and flirting with the nurses and you wouldn't know anything was wrong - he's such a loveable monkey!

Sadly we were due to all travel down to Papamoa tomorrow for a 3 day break with a bunch of my old friends...but it will just be me and the girls as Sam will definitely be in hospital for the foreseeable future.... It's disappointing, but we are glad it has happened here and not tomorrow night when we would have been 3 hours from hospital.

Both his urine samples look clear, so I'm guessing it's not UTI's again, but hoping it's not a line infection and just some weird viral thing he's fighting - he has had a blister appear on his tummy, but too big and different to be chicken pox.....I'm just grabbing at straws, hoping it's something easy so we can be home and a family again..... after all this time, I still dream!

But we're glad for our family time last week and peaceful knowing our times are in the Lord's hands and not the Doctors or ours.

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Anonymous said...

It's such a roller coaster for you all. You had such a high with your awesome holiday (loved the photos and Sam's styly wee glad wrap swimsuit!) and now this. Praying for you all and especially your wee man.
The weather is yuk yuk in the Bay but with your friends company it won't matter.
Drive safe and our prayers are with you all.
Love Margo xx