Thursday, January 13, 2011

At the Beach!

It's Jan 13th and it's now 2 weeks since Sam was in Starship - that's the longest time out of hospital in about 4 months.... and we are enjoying it by lounging by the beach 1.5 hours north of Auckland in a paradise called Mangawhai. We are staying in a holiday home provided by the Kids Foundation, which is a beautiful and comfy unit where we can bbq on the deck whilst watching the girls on the playground and trampoline, or wander 1 min to the beach front of the river....and about 5 mins drive to 4 other beaches.

It's lovely to see the girls just be girls, giggling as they're crashed into the waves off their boogey boards, great to have time to read, rest and recover from a hectic and stressful few months, and lovely to be having lots of fun family memory moments. Sam is loving his 'pool', which is basically a large mop bucket that he can sit in without fear of sliding or tipping over. He can get wet, splash in the water but manage to keep his central line clean and dry as we wrap his top half in he looks like he has an off-the-shoulder see-thru bikini top on! But he loves the water and can be screaming with glee for about 2 hours before he wants out.

I'm off to get the steaks ready for the bbq and then shower off the inevitable sand that ends up everywhere on a beach holiday, before hooking Sam up for the night.

We are so grateful for this week - the first holiday we, as a family of 5, have had together since this time last year. It's just a treat.



The Doughertys said...

Fantastic, enjoy every minute of it. Loves, Fi, Col and kids xxx

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic start to the New Year - Brilliant! Have a great time!

Marybeth Weber said...

I'm glad yins are out of the hospital and enjoying the lovely weather!! I wish I could say the same for our weather, snowy snowy snowy! <3 I hope yins continue to stay out of the hospital for a long time!!

- Marybeth

Anonymous said...

Hi Davys'

We have been waiting for an update!! So happy to hear you can have a 'family' holiday together, and nice to see Sam enjoying himself in the sun. Thinking of you, lots of love, Peter, Sue Jordan and Cooper

Yolanda said...

Oh, I am SO excited for you I could jump up and cheer! Thank you, Lord! Have a terrific family - will be covering you all in prayer. Great pictures as well!
Love and a huge hug,

Anonymous said...

So pleased you are having some fun family time together enjoy
Christine MacDonald

Anonymous said...

Hi Francis and Shirley, it sounds idyllic up at Mangawhai! So glad you can have this time away and in such great weather too! Thanks for the updates; Sam looks sooooo happy! (I'm wondering if either of you will be at Parachute this year??) Love John and Bronwyn xx

Anonymous said...

So pleased you are having some fun family holiday time together, Samuellooks happy
Christine MacDonald

Anonymous said...

We are grateful youa re all enjoying a glorious holiday together in our lovely greater Auckland.
Love Raewyn and Andy

Anonymous said...

Yah a holiday for the 5 of you TOGETHER. How awesome and it sounds like you have had a fantastic time. So great to hear xxxx