Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back Home

We had a holiday and it was gr8! The campsite was amazing, the weather hot and the water wet! Sam loved his daily 'swim' in his 'pool' and the girls really enjoyed the whole experience. It was so lovely to see the kids laughing together - they really do enjoy each others company and it's the longest they've spent together in about 4 months.

As always it takes time to unwind and learn to relax again (& stop thinking of emergency scenario's), but it was worth it all and we came back revived and ready for 'normality', which starts this afternoon with our home registered nurse being here and taking his monthly bloods into the lab by 5.30.

Tomorrow Sam has a physio session at home at 9am, with the possibility of his walking frame arriving at the same time, followed by his 11.30 hospital appointment - just his standard review.

So it feels a bit like back on the treadmill, and the girls are still in holiday mode wanting to do fun things....so shall try and do the both, revived with our memory fun-banks recharged!


Anonymous said...

Loved the happy family on holiday pictures especially the wee gladwrapped "tubby" bub.Praying that Samuel will remain healthy enough to stay home. Blessings to you all from down on the farm.
Love Marion and Cousins

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! fabulous photos and so nice to know that you have had a wonderful time. Praying that this has recharged the batteries for a while to come. xx to you all. Jude, Pete and cuzzies.