Sunday, January 30, 2011

A very AWFUL night!

Well the day after the Special night was so-so... Sam had lost a little bit of weight which was to be expected and was showing signs of hunger that he doesn't normally show. He was a little unsettled, but nothing too concerning considering all of a sudden his regular 800 mls of food stopped. Then at 6 he was hooked back on to his TPN on Saturday - 36 hours since he was last hooked on..... and when I returned to hospital at about 9, I picked him up and he was roasting! He was choking/gagging/vomitting so I picked him up to help him, promptly put him down and did a rectal temp and it was 39.7! And through the night he tossed and turned, screamed out, cried and got up into the 40s! This was really awful after such a potentially great thing.... and at about 3.30 I got the nurse to call the Dr in as his heart was hovering around 210 and he was still very hot and couldn't give him anything to help.

There are a bunch of theories roaming the corridors, 1 being that he has a very persistent bacteria that gets subdued with the medicine, but never quite killed off...and during the 36 hours off it could have been growing and with the TPN pushed it bacteria was dislodged and he had what is called a 'septic shower'. This theory makes sense to us, as the last 5 months have seen him bounce in and out of hospital....seemingly fine and then a few days later back in, so this scenario seems logical. As the wise Doc said, there are plenty of theories but the reality is that we can never really know... all they can do is deal with and treat what is before them. So they have changed both is antibiotics to the toughest they have to try and get this beastie. He is now on vancamycin and another one I can't say let alone spell.

So we aren't going anywhere for a while, which is a real bummer as the girls start school this week and one with a sore foot to consider and I want to be around for them as much as I can.... but with the combination of a very kind Auckland family, care givers for Sam (that mean I can get out to be with the girls) we'll muddle through.

It is disappointing, but in a way I'm relieved it happened whilst in hospital, rather than at home with our usual yo-yo scenario. We hope and pray these new drugs get the beasties, and he doesn't have to lose the line.... which is the only real solution if the bugs don't leave. I'm guessing that the planned circumcision on Wed will be off again.... but guessing and planning too far in advance (more than 24 hours!) seem a waste of time as it can all change so quickly.

Sleep well my darling little boy, you are well loved and my heart aches to see you suffering, but glad that you are bouncing back a little already. May you have a deep sleep tonight. For the girls we are praying for healing for Jas' toe (Tues is D day) and peace and calm and security amidst the constant change they find them in.

X Shirl


Anonymous said...

Wow Shirley and Francis what a yoyo of a time you and your family are having at the moment.Sorry to hear about the rough time that Samuel is having, when it was hopefully a positive move.Prayers and blessings for you all and for Jasmines' toe.Love from Marion

Suga said...

Oh Shirl - how disappointing!! Feeling for ya babe. Praying for Jasmine's apt tomorrow and for them to get to the bottom of Sam's temps. Please let me know if I can help - esp with after school stuff - dancing doesn't start til next week and even then, ... i'd love to help where i can. x x