Friday, February 25, 2011

A Terribly Sad Week

At this time we write with deep sadness as we watch the news and try to take in all that has and is unfolding in Christchurch. Talk around the dinner table with the girls is about earthquakes and the images they have seen on tv. Tears are not far beneath the surface as we watch with hope that maybe, just maybe someone else can be found alive.

On Thursday I kissed Sam goodbye after the anaethetist had put him to sleep and left him for his MRI (about an hour). I walked to the Ronald McDonald family room to have some breakfast and a coffee. As usual a handful of people were around, and one couple was tearfully reading The Herald. We got talking and it turned out they were from Christchurch and had been flown up with their little one in a bad way. His tears were for one of the people on the front page that he had spent the morning with, then left her office and an hour later she was no more. They were shattered people with hearts wrung dry, with an ominous wait for their little one to recover, whilst having left Christchurch where many more of their friends well-being was unknown. Truly a deeply shocking and awful time for them and so many other thousands.

Sam coped well with his MRI and after an hour of post G.A. crying/vomitting, he perked up and we went home. The Drs will let us know when they've checked out the images.

Whilst in hospital I also bumped into various medical professionals that work with Sam, all exceptionally busy, some picking up extra work to free up others to head to ChCh, some helping with the logistics of getting the many dialysis patients from Canterbury to other hospitals as clean water and conditions is required. This really is a national disaster with the effects flung far and wide.

The sadness is palpable as we watch our fellow kiwis struggle and grieve. Our hearts ache with them and wish we could do something practical. But for now, we are praying, not knowing any answers to the 'whys', but pleading with God to help the people on the ground have the strength to continue to respond in remarkable ways. World Vision is putting their resources and people (some having flown in from abroad), to work in partnership with The Salvation Army.

At the end of a week like this we are so grateful for our loved ones and our hearts weep with and for those that have lost theirs so suddenly.

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