Sunday, February 20, 2011

The week ahead

Sam has been home since Tuesday and, as always after a long hospital stay, it takes him a couple of days to get used to being home. He becomes very unsure of himself and needing me with him and clingy. This is partly because he is so used to constant attention every waking moment in hospital, so to return home and be plonked in his high chair whilst I quickly hang out a load of washing seems to terrify him! So hasn't been a lot getting done on my part as I help ease him into life here. Yesterday he was really grizzly and had a couple of temps, but they seemed to go overnight and we're hoping it was down to his big juicy gums that are about to sprout forth some molars. As he doesn't eat he doesn't put anything in his mouth. I try to get him to chew on a rusk, a piece of carrot, a kiddy spoon.... anything to help relieve his discomfort but he just is not going to go there.

We have a new night watch person and she is here to sleep over 1 night a week. She is a third year nursing student and really great. She's going to see how she copes with this on top of her studies/placements, but may be able to do the full allocated 2 nights a week. To get potentially an unbroken nights sleep is very lovely and makes for happier people!

On Monday Jas has an appointment to check/dress her toe. It was looking really good, but the Dr is worried it's getting slightly infected so has her back on antibiotics. She limps happily along without crutches now.

On Tuesday we're hoping to head to a mums'n'toddlers group for the first time. This group is set up by the various community health workers and is at Greenlane. The kids all have various health issues and it's a chance to hang with other Mums, our kids to be interacting with others and to interface with health professionals.

On Thursday Sam is due for an MRI, which will be under a GA. About May last year an MRI showed a mass in a pocket between his lung and spine, but it was inconclusive and too risky a position to biopsy on a whim. So this MRI is to compare and see if it's grown, disappeared or stayed the same. We hope it's a day procedure only.

That's over and out from us.
X Shirl


The Doughertys said...

Ha all, we pray your toe has a full recovery Jasmine and that you are back to full action very soon. Praying for you often.

Much love

dennio said...

Thinking of you from Laos. Daniel and Mei

dennio said...

Thinking of you all from Laos. Daniel and Mei