Sunday, March 6, 2011

A busy week ahead

Sam has had an up and down week - up in the day and happy, down in the night and waking every 30 minutes in pain and vomitting. It's been very tiring and hard to figure out what's up exactly. On Thursday I popped into Starship so he could be reviewed, his stomach was xrayed to check for possible upper bowel obstruction, and urine samples were sent. He has been home since and totally happy and 'normal'....and then comes the long sleepless nights. It's hard on the girls as they get woken many times each night with his piercing screams, even though we have stuffed towels etc into the gap under their door to try to keep the noise out. They too are tired from broken sleep and we have had a few mutinys as the girls defiantly announce they are not going to school but will stay home and sleep....

This week we had a real treat as our special friends from Hong Kong popped in for 24 hours. Since we last saw them in Asia they too have had their trials with their son having a brain tumour removed in May last year. To see Isaac (9)walking and laughing with the girls, splashing in the waves at St Heliers and telling me about a 'contraption' he wanted to invent, was totally wonderful. The girls did win on this occasion as we decided that the 'big picture' stuff was a good reason to not make school..... so we hung with our special friends who we last saw when Sam was just 3 weeks old.

Tomorrow we are heading into Starship again as the xray was inconclusive, and he will have a dye study test, so they can see what is happening in his gut. Hopefully we will be in and out within the school times and not have to stay in.

Wed Mum arrives up for some Grandma time which will be lovely, Thursday I have to have Sam back in Starship bright and early for an all day iron-infusion.

Francis is doing the weekend 'nights' and tonight I'm going to get the spare bed as I just don't function on less than 4 hours sleep, but I'm thankful he can!

We are hoping and praying that it's something as simple as his GJ tube having twisted and caused a blockage....but will let cha know.

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Anonymous said...

Hi friend. WE love you and are thinking for you. You must be so exhausted right now, you are a wonderful man to your Sammy boy and the girls, we think of you often.
Anna for the Lors